Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Temperature Rising

Via a reader, a post on the website Craigslist:

Last summer my folks were in town and we took a cab to the theater. My mom tried to strike up a conversation with this Muslim cabbie -- just being friendly like she always is -- and he immediately bit her head off:


All the way up 8th Avenue. The thing that f*cked me off the most of all was that my mom actually gave him a tip! I was all for calling Homeland freaking Security and having him sent to Guantanamo Bay but mom didn't want to make a fuss. I'll tell ya, nothing makes you want to flush Korans down the toilet more than a 10 minute trip in a New York cab these days. What the f*ck is happening to this country? Additionally, what's so "moral" about oppressing women, killing your daughter for causing the family "dishoner", beheading people with carving knives and posting the video on the internet, getting onto crowded trains with bombs, wanting to kill everyone who doesn't bow to Islam, etc? I think maybe the Muslim dictionary definition of "moral" actually means something completely different. So much for the "moral equivalence" the left is always trying to promote.

Another poster replies:

you are so right...back in the 70's there was actual cigar chomping cabbie types who you could have a conversation with and knew the city in and out..they knew the best bars and best hangouts..

now fast forward to 2008 its f*ckin pakistan when you get into a cab, they basically hate us, they are rude, and all of them have those bluetooth conversations most likely with osama bin laden...

If Obama wins, what will they do with themselves for four or eight years? Will blogs, internet message boards, and Fox News be enough of an outlet?


Blogger Mr. Hedley Bowes said...

Smells like propaganda. If it's DOD financed, perhaps they'll be writing from Leavenworth for the next several years: by snail mail.

6/11/2008 4:37 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

No their going to want to give him the Clinton treatment. Congressional investigations on day 1 and no honeymoon.

6/11/2008 6:11 AM  
Blogger Montag said...

Learn enough Arabic to say "good morning".
If they smile, it's cool.If they launch into a tirade, then you should have learned enough Arabic to say "Put a sock in it!"
If that doesn't work, demand they stop and let you off.

I usually get smiles, even though they actually speak Urdu.

(If they have learnt enough English to berate the USA while driving cross town at rush hour, I think we should be able to pick up a little of their language.)

6/11/2008 6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they can impeach Clinton for a BJ then Obama will be impeached for being not white.

6/11/2008 8:06 AM  
Blogger wendyo said...

Come on folks...Craig's List as a source? This makes absolutely NO common sense. No one looking for tips is going to go into an anti-US tirade, particularly in NYC with homeland security and paranoid heartland tourists.

If indeed CR, you are being sarcastic and asking what right-wing comment trolls will be up to for the next 8 years, I imagine it will be something along the lines of Timothy McVeigh sorts of outlets (militias, plots against the New World Order, etc.) An Obama presidency is really going to bring the kooks out of the woodwork.

They are furiously stroking their copies of The Turner Diaries as we speak.

6/11/2008 10:30 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

Listen up, folks... nobody had any tirade in a cab. Jeebus!

The point here is the continued development of a narrative about the bogeyman in our midst... fear, loathing, danger!

A fellow co-worker, educated to the Masters degree level, was wringing his hands about how he could "never vote for Obama because he said the oath of office on the Koran and refused to pledge allegiance to the flag."

Obama = Osama = your kids will all be dead!

It's pointless to try to change this mentality-- we simply need to take this nation back from these idiots who have taken control.

6/11/2008 10:32 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

WendyO beat me by 2 minutes, Darn! I have to type FASTER!

6/11/2008 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's this kind of crap that worries me that some nutjob's gonna take a shot at Obama.

6/11/2008 10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say there'll be more than one nutjob. And, make that Obamas like in wife and two children.

6/11/2008 11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CL NY'S Rants & Rayes - THE hotbed / cesspool for all things racist, xenophobic, mysoginist and flat-out batshit-crazy.

At least, while these kids are posting from their parent's basements, they're off the streets and can't do any REAL harm.

That's not to downplay the fact that there ARE some dangerous lunatics out there.

Stay alert and give them the butt-kicking they so well deserve when you meet 'em on your way.

6/11/2008 11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some Muslims rant, Some non-Muslims rant. I've heard both. Dismissing the report as fabricated "propaganda" is unhelpful. Both the American and the Muslim in the Craig's list post were wrong to go off on a stranger.

Yet Muslims observing certain aspects of American culture through their own cultural lenses have good reasons for some of their criticism. Non-Muslims observing certain aspects of Muslim culture through their own cultural lenses also have good reasons for some of their criticisms.

Both the Muslim and the non-Muslim in the Craig/s list post have hateful attitudes which they justify by the hateful attitudes of the other party in a never-ending, ever-escalating cycle.

The only way to win this game is to refuse to play it.

6/11/2008 3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is too far over the top to be anything else than a plant. I have already seen a few chain e-mails of similar stench. Sadly, you will never see any positive ones like this: My sister was helped by a Muslim cabbie in NC who gave her a couple of free rides when he found out she was in dire straits. He explained to her it was his duty as a Muslim to help the less fortunate. Of course wouldn't support the narrative now, would it?

6/11/2008 4:46 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

please tell me you're not using the rants/rave section of craigslist to gauge public opinion on muslims.

6/11/2008 5:43 PM  
Blogger wendyo said...

amen Robert.

6/11/2008 6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what BHO's chances of winning the general election are? A lot of people are going to buy in to the crazy stories floating around about him.

-Medicine Man

6/12/2008 1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived and cabbed in NYC for 26 years now and I have NEVER encountered anything like that.

6/13/2008 9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another set of posts on this whole 'temp rising' issue:

now keep in mind, the comments are on a celeb Gossip website!

6/17/2008 9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow this shows that there is some hope in the world, my name is johan and im from sweden. The islam is spreading like a plague true europe and we basicly have bush and his war to thank for that. The rage against america is spreading in the same degree as the love for islam and their brainwash bullshit is and when my best friend turned to islam and all of a sudden taught it was ok to stone me for my sins and enforce islam laws in sweden i snapped so im dedicating all of my speartime from no on to bring down this ancient, political fairytale. I would appreciate all the feedback on breaking muslims that i can get so please mail me with comment at We realists need to come together worldwide as they do to prevent them from brainwashing our friends and family. Death to the cult of islam!!! //fairytale hater

7/08/2008 12:24 PM  

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