Wednesday, November 05, 2008

That's The Spirit

Conservatism's chastened, soul-searching morning after: bombs, cancer jokes, and some typically incisive commentary on foreign affairs.

The wilderness is thickly forested, and the trail maps suck...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Particularly jarring in that vile sampling from the Corner is K-Lo's mangling of Cat Steven's lyrics (aka Yusuf Islam, who is banned from entering the US due to the "War on Terror.")


11/05/2008 6:22 PM  
Blogger Mr. Hedley Bowes said...

Speaking of cancer, when does the Corner at NRO excise itself from the body politic?

11/06/2008 2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FoxNews has officially confirmed Palin a dummy. Conservatives are now calling Fox News 'liberal'. I'm reminded of Palin and McCain's call for the LA Times to release the tape they had and the criticism of the SF Chronicle having an interview with Barack about 'bankrupting the coal industry' that, because they didn't send a direct link to McCain/Palin (which she probably couldn't read it and the computerly challenged Mccain wouldn't know how to access it) were traitors while FOX news' Carl Cameron sat on news that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent which would have surely sunk them. Ironically Cameron is a country in Africa.

Palin is a dummy. Lots of people were criticized for saying that. 50,000,000 people set that knowledge aside and voted for her. That's unforgivable. How many of those millions use the bible as their main source of information, which I'm assuming is the reason Palin is so dumb.

11/06/2008 9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're missing a key consideration here - those conservatives who might be prone to 'chastened soul-searching' have, like so many of us, left the GOP in disgust, and may well have voted for Obama. Those figures to whom you link represent small-c conservatism about as well as, hmm. I was going to offer "Uncle Joe" Stalin and small-c communism, but then I had second thoughts. I guess what they really represent is a wild-eyed version of radical reactionary -ism which likes to pretend it's both normal and intelligent rather than simply fearful and hateful.

11/06/2008 1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay classy right-wing!

11/06/2008 5:14 PM  

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