Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Back In The Saddle....

Although I live in New York City, I've certainly traveled enough to know that this place is in no way representative of the way 99% of the people on this planet live. That's easy to forget sometimes, particularly because of the almost jingoistic orientation of the media in the U.S. To get any real news about the rest of the world---particularly about the third world---I've mostly had to use outfits like the BBC, which offers excellent coverage. Lately though, there have been flickers of life from some of the most unlikely of sources. Over the past few weeks, Yahoo has carried a series of excellent articles and accompanying video segments by a reporter named Kevin Sites. Datelines include Somalia and the Congo, so these reports are not pretty. Interestingly, Yahoo has been placing them on its homepage in its listing of top news stories---an area that traditionally has included fluff stories about movies, celebrities and sports. Yahoo obviously knows the user click count of everything on its homepage, so it's both interesting and encouraging that this new segment continues to be featured prominently. If this indicates that Americans at least on the margin are becoming a bit less interested in Paris Hilton and a bit more curious about the rest of the world, that would be a good thing.

The link to the list of recent reports is here. Something to watch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope these stories are an indicator that Americans are, if only somewhat, becoming more interested in the rest of the world. Also, it's nice to see Kevin Sites getting more outlets for his reporting. He has been a consistantly good journalist. He was the repoter that filmed the marine shooting the insurgent in the mosque several months ago. An incident that earn him more than his fair share of criticism and death threats. When Americans stop embrace the warm and fuzzy, if not salacious, life of Paris Hilton, and turn an eye to the realities of the rest of the world, we will all be better off.

10/13/2005 9:51 AM  
Anonymous Antonie said...

A remarkable series.

10/13/2005 11:09 AM  
Anonymous SurcamStances said...

About time you got back! What are we paying you for!?


10/13/2005 11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing like being there yourself; goes for our own country as well; Yahoo looks good; BBC is awesome; Mother Jones magazine does a good job, as does The Nation. You really need to look for independent sources if you want what is happening to real people around the globe. I think IWT is going to be an interesting concept.

10/13/2005 1:15 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Yeah the Kevin Sites reports are great. Cheers to yahoo for putting them up plus there is a comments section to discuss them. Kevin does a good job and gets stories that no one else is getting.

10/13/2005 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Julie Zuber said...

Another good source of world news and events is LINK TV. Their motto is "Your Connection to the World."

10/13/2005 6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Global Voices Online might be an interesting source for a view of the world. It is sponsored by Harvard Law School.

Here's a snippet from the about: "A growing number of bloggers around the world are emerging as “bridge bloggers:” people who are talking about their country or region to a global audience. Global Voices is your guide to the most interesting conversations, information, and ideas appearing around the world on various forms of participatory media such as blogs, podcasts, photo sharing sites, and videoblogs."

10/14/2005 1:11 PM  
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