Friday, October 26, 2007

Being Jeff Gannon

I read this twice to be sure I wasn't hallucinating. Then I realized it makes perfect sense, as does the White House's distinctly tepid condemnation of it.

Fascinating times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not make it a cabinet post?: Secretary of Press Conferences.

The threat events like this pose to a Democracy are legion. Like you say in your post, I'm stunned as well. Who at FEMA would ever, in their right mind, think this was a good idea?

Rationalizations for torture.
Fabricated press conferences.

What's next? Death by firing squad?

10/27/2007 8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOP in our current environment.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, is to be believed if it's coming from the feds. No numbers, no predictions, no promises, no statements, no "facts".

10/27/2007 10:50 AM  
Anonymous goldhorder said...

This is actually an improvement. It has been difficult to convince reasonably intelligent people not to trust our federal government. Most of these diehards are finally coming around a bit. Our feds aren't going to know what hit them. The sheep are leaving the flock...which can only mean less cannon fodder, less tax dollars, less campaign contributions, etc. It is absolutely essential that the flock withdrawal their support. It will force our elite to change their policies. Our leaders have created such a mess they are tripping over their own feet...this is so amateurism it is hillarious.

10/27/2007 12:47 PM  
Anonymous Not Sure said...

"Who at FEMA would ever, in their right mind, think this was a good idea?"

A bush political appointee. They aren't chosen for competence.

10/27/2007 6:49 PM  
Anonymous goldhorder said...

It is really great...I mean just look at the reaction they had when they got caught! Oh...sorry for the Pravda like experience. It was certainly a bad idea.

It is just funny in so many ways. I mean how difficult is it to put together a press conference with the "real" journalists and mouth off a half hour of the usual empty platitudes. I think they were just so sick of it they thought they would take a short cut. That way they could get it over with. I mean...its not like the American public really cares. Just look at the public's reaction to it...these guys are faking news just like the good old USSR and nobody is calling for Paulisons's head!!!! In the good old days when our government got caught doing this kind of crap at least our masters offered us a human sacrifice to make sure we didn't start asking too many questions. If anything illustrates how it is a one way power relationship this is it! We have become such a docile people we don't even demand a public hanging anymore. I mean come on people...everybody always enjoyed a good hanging!

10/29/2007 11:49 AM  

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