Thursday, November 08, 2007

Your Papers, Please

There are always signposts along the way, aren't there? Here's the latest one. Probably the most dangerous thing is thinking or hoping that this is just temporary, that things will get back to "normal" just as soon as a Democrat wins next November.

If the current economic fallout continues or, worst case, we get another terrorist attack, the Census Bureau will have to assign extra workers in 2010 to cover the explosive growth in Scapegoat City.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly, Sullivan helped pave the first few miles of the road that led to the incident.

11/08/2007 8:41 AM  
Anonymous Gus said...

Appalling. I used to think the supposed Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times" wasn't a curse. I was young and thought of the '60s as interesting times. A war was going on, sure, but sex, drugs and rock n roll! I'm afraid times are going to get way too interesting. A majority of people are for bombing Iran. What is wrong with this country?

11/08/2007 11:07 AM  
Anonymous Kilfarsnar said...

We are stark raving terrified, that's what's wrong with this country. The terrorists (whomever they are) are getting what they want. We are scared of our own shadow, and thus of a Japanese tourist taking pictures. A Japanese tourist taking pictures! How unusual!

The people of this country are not as brave as they like to think. Most are ready and willing to surrender their ideals and principles for some perceived safety. And that's all it is, "perceived". There is no real safety; never was, never will be.

As the article states, we do more damage to ourselves by acting this way. This is part of the reason world opinion of us is at an all time low. In order to stand for freedom and justice, we have to stand for freedom and justice. We stand for fear and paranoia. Everyone can see it but us, blinded as we are by fear.

Long ago I learned that when all of my friends are telling me I'm doing the wrong thing, I'm usually doing the wrong thing. This is one of those time for our country. It's time to listen to our friends.

11/08/2007 11:34 AM  
Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

Just look at the music. The stuff made in the 60's is still so much better than 99% of the stuff made today. And where is the social commentary in the music?

11/08/2007 12:47 PM  
Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

That's part of the reason why we can't have Clinton. We need Obama or Edwards. All of the Republicans would still try to scare us. Clinton likes the status quo too much. The question is: Who is going to lead us back to being that shining light on the hill? It surely won't happen while we are mirred in Iraq, or saber rattling with Iran.

11/08/2007 12:50 PM  
Anonymous goldhorder said...

Yes, Sullivan did get caught up in the terror fever. He had the courage to admit he made a horrible mistake though. He has been pretty good sense then.

11/08/2007 1:28 PM  
Anonymous Gus said...

Jimmy the saint, I agree. What I meant was when I thought it would be fun to live in interesting times, I was thinking specifically of the '60s. The kind of interesting times I'm anticipating is definitely not what I had in mind. It is, however, probably what was meant by that supposed Chinese curse.

11/08/2007 5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is disgraceful -- an absolutely shameful way to treat guests in our country.

Unfortunately, that unfortunate man will carry the tale back to his own country and convey it to friends, family, etc. Anecdotal evidence is powerful. If a friend of mine relayed that they had suffered similar treatment in a particular country, that location would be on my "must avoid" list.

11/08/2007 5:59 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

I have been over that piece of landscape on the same train several times during the past month or so with my camera and never saw anything worth while taking pictures of.

The story reminds me of the Soviet Union where there were certain areas where pictures could not be taken. The last time I was coming from NY City to Boston there was a woman conductor who was particularly obnoxious to many of the passengers. She was probably the one who made up the rule no picture taking.

My next trip I plan to take pictures. When they tell me I can't, I will keep doing it. I would like to play out this scenario to see where it takes me.

11/08/2007 7:28 PM  
Anonymous RW said...

Blocking the ability of people to travel unmolested or record those travels, by pictures or other means, is as typical of banana dictatorships as it is of more elaborate tyrannies in developed countries; I traveled on Tezara, the railway in Zambia (Southern Africa), in the 80's and took some photos only to learn later that I had been risking arrest and imprisonment in so doing. The blocking (or transformation) of memory is so redolent of oppression and malfeasance anywhere that it requires extraordinary justification, far greater than any mere railroad company (much less its staff) could provide even if the train were passing within view of a nuclear reactor or chemical complex.

11/08/2007 9:43 PM  
Anonymous Fred said...

Sounds like someone has been taking in too many cop shows on the idiot box.

11/09/2007 12:34 AM  
Blogger wendyo said...

Jimmy the Saint, regarding political messages in music I have to ask, "How much new music do you listen to?"

I work promoting many independent labels and artists and there is ALOT of political music out there. The difference is that media consolidation has affected its ability to be heard by a wide audience, and people are not exposed to new substantive music, just an endless booty call of Britney knock-offs and pretty boys.

If you need a dose of some political/cultural discourse, may I suggest the new Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Generation X) collaboration—Carbon/Silicon.

This mp3 is just a taste of it, aptly called "What the Fuck?"

They also take on our happy-talk media with a brilliantly insightful song called The here:

11/09/2007 12:18 PM  
Anonymous Kilfarsnar said...


Yes, I agree. I am not a fan of Hillary's. She doesn't seem to want to change things all that much. She would just be nicer in projecting American power at home and abroad.

I like what I have heard from Edwards and Obama. I also like Chris Dodd's recent stand on telecom company amnesty. I have always liked Kucinich too. There is some good stuff coming from the Democrats, but Hillary is my least favorite of the bunch.

11/09/2007 12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ron paul. and i'm not someone who lives in my parents' basement. i'm 55 and a responsible homeowner.

Ron paul. give him a listen. Please.

11/09/2007 7:33 PM  
Blogger Grodge said...

If a friend of mine relayed that they had suffered similar treatment in a particular country, that location would be on my "must avoid" list.

I think that's the point of he policy. We don't want any "dern fur-ners" in our "kuntree." Unless, of course, they are willing to harvest food, clean our toilets and mow our lawns-- for $3/hour and no health care benefits.

11/12/2007 3:55 AM  
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