Monday, February 18, 2008

When The Wheels Come Off

Here and here. Having trouble running a comparatively minor thing like an occupation? I'm shocked.

Given current trends and the obvious needs in the ranks of U.S. management, I'd expect Harvard Business School to make a new course available shortly: Heckuva Job: Wars, Occupations, and Natural Disasters for the 21st Century Executive. There's a high-profile graduate available for guest lectures soon.


Blogger LFC said...

Your title assumes that the wheels were ever on. Outside of burying information, fear mongering for fun and profit, and spinning facts into oblivion, I can't think of anything this administration has been able to do competently.

2/18/2008 10:10 AM  
Blogger Hal said...

Just like to echo what lfc said. Further, wasn't this administration billed as the most MBA heavy in history? With an MBA president? Heck, wasn't that one of the reasons that a lot of people on the right voted for the man?

Perhaps no curriculum changes need be made, as they already seem to be doing a "heckuva job" with that whole "running the government like a business" thing. "Who could have predicted" the business model would be Enron rather than Berkshire Hathaway?

2/18/2008 10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This should put a dagger in the heart of the lassie fair crowd. If you like corruption then you love this administation.

Pure capitalism, like pure socalism, has never worked to the good of society. If you believe that robber barrons do more good for society in in the long run then there is no hope.

2/18/2008 11:33 AM  
Anonymous NeilS said...

On the trailer front, that contract was ok'd very quickly even though there were many who said it was a bad idea.

I am convinced that it was a sweetheart deal and that either the manufacturer(s) or the facilitator (Allbaugh) had close connections with the Bush administration.

As to wheels coming off, I agree with a previous commenter, they were never put on. This is what comes of having an administration that thinks that everything is politics and image. They didn't have to consider reality since, as one administration official was quoted as saying, they were creating reality.

Bush = a crooked used car salesman + a cheerleader.

2/18/2008 2:31 PM  
Blogger LFC said...

With an MBA president?

Some years ago, I remember reading an explanation of how Bush's MBA education is consistent with his performance as President.

Apparently the Harvard MBA program (and perhaps most others) teach in a very static way. Students get assignments, they write up proposed solutions, and they get a grade. There is no training in thinking forward to what happens if your assumptions are wrong, and no training on how to adjust to changes. This talent is either innate or learned on the job.

If you look at Bush, it sums him up pretty well. He gets an idea and he "stays the course". It takes an enormous force, a near complete repudiation of everything he believes, to get him to budge. He's known to be stubborn (so no innate ability to reevaluate) and he only held toy jobs with Daddy's friends (so no on the job experience).

2/18/2008 5:01 PM  
Anonymous goldhorder said... we go again. What exactly is free about this "free market"? We don't even believe in manufacturing anymore! We believe in militarism, socialism (no child left behind, prescription drugs, medicare, social security), and finance (how we maintain control of the so called "global economy"). This is all run from Washington DC. It has been for decades. As far as how our financial system became so corrupted...all you have to do is look at your hero Bill Clinton. Bush had nothing to do with that. Not that I want anything to do with supporting Bush...but he is not the source of all that's evil in DC.

2/18/2008 9:25 PM  
Anonymous AnneLaurie said...

I am convinced that it was a sweetheart deal and that either the manufacturer(s) or the facilitator (Allbaugh) had close connections with the Bush administration....

That would be the Joe Allbaugh about whom Wikipedia says:

"Allbaugh came to national prominence working for Texas governor George W. Bush and helping manage his 2000 presidential election campaign. Allbaugh then became a member of Bush's cabinet as Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) beginning in February 2001. He served until FEMA's transfer into the newly created Department of Homeland Security, after which he resigned in March 2003... Allbaugh traveled to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina to help coordinate private-sector support, according to his spokeswoman. His clients were among the first to win federal contracts to help with hurricane recovery: Shaw won a bid potentially worth $100 million to refurbish buildings and provide emergency housing... "

I believe the proper name for the Bush (Mis)Administration's political philosophy is kleptocracy.

2/19/2008 3:02 AM  
Anonymous NeilS said...

Exactly correct Annelaurie

Thanks for doing the legwork.

I have always thought that Bush's governing template was feudal: loyalty first, last and always, but kleptocracy is probably more accurate.

I assume that the 30% that still support him either think that he was appointed by God or that he has given them a good return on their investment.

2/19/2008 6:51 PM  

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