Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4th Priorities

It's interesting to see how news organizations allocate their resources. On this July 4th, I wanted to see a current list of the troops killed in Iraq. Surely, I thought, I could rely on Fox News to provide such a list on this day. Unfortunately, it appears they've been busy with other things; as of today, their list of troops killed-in-action has not been updated in over three weeks, as you can see here.

It's not that the information is not available. An up-to-date list appears in many places, including the website of the DOD. Supposedly liberal CNN understands its importance; it maintains a current, accurate and well organized list here. CNN even makes an extra effort to include a photo of each soldier, which Fox does not.

To me, "supporting the troops" is not an empty mantra. It means giving them a defined, viable mission---and if the worst happens, to honor them in death. It's hard to honor the sacrifice of our troops without knowing their names. But we already knew that Fox has other priorities, didn't we? As a charter member of the insurgents-as-terrorists language creep club, Fox is an enabler of mission creep. And enablers of mission creep by definition do not support the troops.

If you're a student on summer break still looking for a job, you might want to contact Fox and volunteer to keep their KIA list updated. But first you might have to convince them that it's a job worth doing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you watch Fox, just stop.
Tell your cable co/dish co to drop them.
Ask to change the channel whenever you see it on.

sell their stock short.

7/04/2005 8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, "supporting the troops" is not an empty mantra. It means giving them a defined, viable mission---and if the worst happens, to honor them in death.


Remember what happened to Nightline when they tried to honor those who had died in service. NewsHour and CBS news will honor soldiers each night as they become available.

I knew Bush didn't care, and I mean this sincerely, after I saw him make fun of not finding WMD's. Ho, ho, ho... that's so funny. We'd see a picture of Bush looking under the desk in the Oval Office and he would say, "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere." Some more pictures of Bush looking under furniture in the Oval office. He'd say, "Nope. No weapons there. Maybe under here." People died and he's joking about it in our Nations Captital. Could you imagine if they showed that at Fort Bragg. What kind of person would EVER joke about sending people to war! Joke about WMD!

Operation Truth is a good place to go to find out how you can support our service men and women.

It is tiresome to hear those on the radical right say support the troops, to any and everything, because I think many mean go (that thing Cheney said). It seems very un-American the way they use the that particular phrase for control.

The secrecy of this administration, even before 9/11, is concerning.

I was pointed to some articles at Fox, and what I noticed, every reference to a person, place, or thing was prefixed with "left leaning", "conservative", etc. I really dislike the people that decided the way to get power and votes was to divide us.

I don't think Fox is a conservative media. Because all conservatives I know value the truth and ethics.

Sinclair Broadcasting seems to be competing with Fox to lower the standard in news. I didn't even have to know anything about Sinclair, and just by watching, I knew it was Foxified; an arm of the radical conservatives.

7/04/2005 11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7/04/2005 12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice post and nice find!

7/04/2005 3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's for a moment also think about the non-US-victims.

It's almost never mentioned, but - as of today - other victims of the - initially highly lauded, but in the meantime quietly scrapped - 'coalition of the willing' are:

UK : 90

Italian: 26

Ukrainian: 18

Polish: 17

Bulgarian: 13

Spanish: 11
(1 Military Diplomat, 2 Army Soldier, 8 Intelligence Agents)

Slovaks: 3

Thai, Estonian, Netherlands: 2

Salvadoran, Latvian, Kazakh, Danish, Hungarian: 1

The total death-toll of military victims is 1,934.

My heart goes out to all their families.

7/04/2005 4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too funny that CNN does more to honor troops killed in action than Fox. Watch what they do, not what they say.

7/04/2005 5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stopped watching FNC about 6 months ago, and I was a loyal viewer too. Nice catch though.

7/04/2005 7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't wait to see how much coverage Fox is going to have on the rumors/hopeful fact that Karl Rove likes to reveal the identities of CIA operatives working on the proliferation of WMDs in the Middle East. If I was an amoral puppetmaster i think discrediting the only people who might know that I had the administration lie about theWMDs in Iraq would be a fantastic idea. I guess they don't get around to teaching the difference between right and wrong until the last year of college. You know, the one you're supposed to finish...

7/05/2005 12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq Coalition Casuality Count

Click on this page click on "Afghanistan" in the top menu. Also click on "About This Site" in the top menu to see some additional links.

7/05/2005 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't wait to see how much coverage Fox is going to have

The same way they are covering the story on Rep Randy "Duke" Cunningham's ethic lapse.

Very little and when they do they'll make him a victim ("Republicans can't do bad or illegal things or at least we don't report it."), he'll be appalled ("Republicans are all saints ordained by God"), everyone else will be to blame ("the take no responsibility Republicans"), and they'll make his "pay to play", rip the citizens off, taking money for government contracts and other favors scenario sound like he is the luckiest man in our democractic capitalist society which he has just walked all over. Yet the Rep cancelled all of his 4th of July appearances. Ah, but they won't report that.

Our news organizations should not be politically biased because both sides can do wrong and should be treated the same. But Fox has decided that ain't the case anymore. Argh.

7/05/2005 10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The list hasn't been updated because they were too busy pooling their resources into the Nick & Jessica We Are Desperate For People To Join The Army campaign. What a load of shit that was ... I caught 5 minutes, and couldn't bear it ... overdone and too falsely melodramatic. Although Jess does have a really nice a - er, voice, yes, that's it. Nice voice.

Personally, I'd have liked to have seen Nick and Jess go join a Tour of Duty rather than sing about it. Let them see first hand what it is they are promoting in specials such as this - and THEN hear what they have to say. If they survive, that is. And if they do not, well, one less shitty show on the air.

7/05/2005 11:08 AM  
Blogger David the Gyromancer said...

Thank you, and not in any way to detract from your point, which is to genuinely honor the sacrifice of those who've been asked, or required, to give their lives for this enterprise, I am stopped short by one minor point in this piece:

CNN? Liberal? I know everything in this modern world is relative, but let's have just a tittle of objectivity, may we? With Nina Totenberg and Cokie Roberts sounding more and more like shills for the Bush administration (OK, not really, but there HAS been a rightward drift), the position of the editorial feel of CNN on the spectrum indeed undergone a certain redshift, but to call it "liberal" is a stretch.

7/05/2005 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Nina Totenberg and Cokie Roberts sounding more and more like shills for the Bush administration (OK, not really, but there HAS been a rightward drift),

no really, they do.

7/05/2005 12:30 PM  
Blogger shoes said...

well its no suprise that fox wouldnt update....with all the recent carnage. i really like your blog. i hope you dont mind if i link it off of mine

7/05/2005 1:55 PM  
Blogger DrDave said...

No matter. Those who support the war and the Bush agenda are unlikely to be objectively critical of FNC while being equally unwilling to acknowledge that CNN (Clinton News Network, Crescent News Network) is doing a better job of respectfully recognizing those of our troops who have paid the ultimate price.


7/05/2005 7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Karl Rove cultivate Fox, as he taught in his "Politics and the Press" class?

...that in the Valerie Plame case, Rove is using journalists, and the First Amendment, "to operate without constraint, or to camouflage breaking the law." That's why neither reporters Cooper and Miller, nor their publications, should protect Rove (or anyone else) "through an undiscerning, blanket use of the First Amendment that weakens its protections by its gross misuse.""

In teaching with him, I learned Rove assumes command over any political enterprise he engages. He insists on absolute discipline from staff: nothing escapes him; no one who works with him moves without his direction. In Texas, though he was called "the prime minister" to Gov. George W. Bush, it might have been "Lord," as in the divine, for when it came to politics and policy, it was Rove who gave, and Rove who took away.
The problem, as always, in dealing with Rove, is establishing a clear chain of culpability. Rove once described himself as a die-hard Nixonite; he is, like the former president, both student and master of plausible deniability. (This past weekend, in confirming that Rove was indeed a source for Matthew Cooper, Rove's lawyer said his client "never knowingly disclosed classified information.")

7/05/2005 11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are not insurgents. They are, in fact, terrorists. (I didn't say "tomato"...)

And as much as I despise the theocratic bullshit spewed forth by the Rovian GOP, you country-club Republicans are even worse.

Of course, I'm "brainwashed". And even though I'm not Christian, I believe all this because "Jesus told me to". It couldn't possibly be that you overly-educated fools are bereft of clue.

Could it?

7/06/2005 3:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site has been posted a couple of times. A flash-based timeline of all coalition forces who died in action. Kind of scary.

- David Boyer

7/07/2005 8:50 AM  
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