Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Common Ground

Chavez reaches out to the Hysterical Right. AP:
President Hugo Chavez inaugurated a Venezuelan film studio Saturday to counter what he called Hollywood's cultural "dictatorship."

Chavez announced $11 million in funds for the complex as he toured movie sets, costume rooms and sat in a director's chair -- all part of Venezuela's new "cultural artillery" to combat U.S. domination, he said.

"It's a Hollywood dictatorship," he said. "They inoculate us with messages that don't belong to our traditions ... (about) the American way of life, imperialism."

He accused Hollywood movies of stereotypes that cast Venezuela and other Latin American countries as violent havens for criminals and drug traffickers.
This will be an important tell, folks. If Hollywood-bashing fails to elicit supportive nods from panting precincts like National Review, AEI, Pat Robertson etc, we'll know they're really serious!


Blogger Old Lady said...

Yet, where it not for Hollywood would we have the most excellent foreign and independent films that can be viewed. "I Am Cuba" is an example. Chavez will most likely receive alot of support from Hollywood with his movie making ventures. Let them all bash away. Good and Evil exists in all things.

6/06/2006 3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got your point. Don't hold your breath. The one thing those you mentioned are consistent with, is being inconsistent.

Odd priority for Chavez, but media is where it is at in many respects, even the extremist in the Right know that.

Ever notice watching some older movies is less enjoyable, everything from Indians and Cowboys to some action dramas that point their finger at some group of people we are suppose despise. Always clear-cut, 100%, no shades of grey. I wonder, in 100 yrs, with globalization, what it'll feel like to watch those movies. Like any Indian/Cowboy movies, maybe James Bond, and certainly Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies.

The movies always made certain who the bad guys were, but in the real world it is a whole lot different. Especially when you start traveling and seeing the people and the world, you open your eyes and realize truth comes in many shapes and colors.

Certainly one does not know enough about Chavez just listening and watching the avg mainstream media. One has to go out of there way to find out more. I think it is about time S. America gets its act together. Now Central America and Mexico will follow. PBS has had some interesting programs, like Frontline, Journey to Planet Earth, Point of View, and even Globe Trekker. Thinks look different from the inside out, than outside in.

6/06/2006 6:26 PM  
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