Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Signs Of The Times


Anonymous Anonymous said...

h-m-m-m, let me give that some thought!

4/07/2009 11:58 AM  
Blogger Terro said...

Yup...patience is needed, but hard to grasp.

4/07/2009 6:33 PM  
Anonymous KAIMU said...


Nice photos that point to one culprit ... THE US FED!

America's financial solution is sitting right on the US TREASURY DAILY STATEMENT at TABLE 3-C. The line item right in between "unauthorized discounts" and "HOPE" bonds! Hummm ... if I hear that word "HOPE" one more time I think I will hurl! Its not enough that we build our fiscal house on HOPE but do we have to a bond called HOPE also? Foreigners would think our entire US CONgress has its fingers crossed and a rabbits foot in their pockets!

It is the FFB! FFB !!!! YES ... it is the infamous and daunting ... FFB!!! Oh damn, yeah, the FFB ... I almost forgot they existed!! HA!!

The Federal Financing Bank is a Constitutionally "legal" bank since it is part of the US TREASURY and not a private bank like the US FED.

Here, at the link below, is the MISSION STATEMENT of the FFB. Read this and tell me that if we just added "money printing" to that list we would have our own WE THE PEOPLE central bank, instead of the fraud-filled WE THE JP MORGAN central bank!

Link: http://www.ustreas.gov/ffb/

There is a store for those of us without clues ...


Now that is one store that is open 25/8 and 366 even in a major DEPRESSION!!!

4/08/2009 5:44 AM  
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