Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Richard Holbrooke

There have been some good retrospectives during the past few days. The best have been from a personal perspective, and here is one worth reading.

Something I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is the importance to Holbrooke of his favorite getaway: Telluride, Colorado. He called the tiny mountain town his "sanctuary." His family is an integral part of the community, and I have seen firsthand the impact they have had there. Here is the article in the town's newspaper about his passing. For a more in-depth look into this part of his life, read this article from a local magazine. Anyone who only knew Holbrooke's professional side will find it interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And those folks who know Holbrooke's professional side will also find that local article interesting, by dint of the fact that it casts Holbrooke as someone concerned with the needless deaths in Rwanda.

That's a strange viewpoint to take, considering that Holbrooke was an outspoken champion of Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq, which (according to the smart folks at Johns Hopkins) resulted in a eerily-similar estimate of needless civilian deaths there. Interesting coincidence, eh?

It's poor form to criticize the recently deceased, so instead, let's criticize the editors of that Telluride magazine who managed to miss this obvious connection.

12/15/2010 8:40 AM  
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