Thursday, November 09, 2006

We Get Mail

From a reader:
Wanted to let you know that your blog really inspired me to get involved here in Virginia. It wasn't anything specific you posted, just from reading you and others for the past year. Some friends and I volunteered a lot during the last month and used a week of vacation time just before the election to campaign nonstop. I feel like we really made a difference here. Webb's narrow margin of victory proved that every person mattered.
I didn't think anything would be as enjoyable as the post-election meltdowns of the Limbaugh/Coulter set, or the unmasking of others in the commentariat as either rank amateurs, pure partisan shills, or certified loons (their election "predictions" will come in handy when they turn their attention to convincing us of the urgent need to attack Iran, as I expect them to do shortly). But this was good to read.


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