Sunday, April 22, 2007

"He's Actually Watering The Grass!"

From the original goal of democracy, to giddiness over lawn-watering. What's next, euphoria about the painting of schools??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great. Petraeus assigns the 'grass-waterer' as is a symbol of progress. Now insurgents and shia radicals will start kidnapping and slaughtering them as a symbolic gesture. Why can't the officials just keep their mouths shut.


4/22/2007 8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now we know the new stratagy. Convert Iraq into a number of gettos and use the Isreali's tactics of the west bank.
We then control the country and the Iraquis have to bow to our demands in order to move out of their security zones or be supplied with food and water. Instant peace. If they do not do as told they wont get either or only once a week.
This will show the world just how strong and determined we are.
If a few million with starve or die of thirst, that is then not our fault but the Iraqis.
Since we are a christian democracy we cannot be guilty of genocide, or war crimes.

Only losers are guilty of that, and we are NEVER losers.

4/22/2007 4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The accompanying story, about Iraqi partisan bands in Diyala (sp?) province, indicates why Petraeus has to latch on to plant-watering as a sign of... something. Turns out the guerrillas in Diyala are pretty sophisticated tacticians, learning more all the time. The Americans helicopter into a village for a sweep, and all they find are women and children. Great reading for any Mekong Delta nostalgists out there....

On a marginally related note, I suppose we should be grateful that the WaPo bothered to print these Iraq stories at all, since they're plainly much more interested in milking every triviality imaginable about the Virginia Tech atrocity. That newspaper simply isn't trustworthy any more.....
-- sglover

4/22/2007 7:23 PM  
Anonymous Shawn Willis said...

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