Monday, July 23, 2007


The chum line on Iran gets thicker. AP:
U.S.: Smugglers nabbed in Iraq may have links to Iran

U.S. troops on Sunday detained two suspected weapons smugglers who may be linked to Iran's elite Quds force, the military said, as Washington presses allegations that Tehran is supporting violence in Iraq despite plans for new bilateral talks on the issue.

The suspects and a number of weapons were seized during a raid on a rural farm compound in eastern Iraq, near the Iranian border, according to a military statement.

"The suspects may be associated with a network of terrorists that have been smuggling explosively formed projectiles (EFPs), other weapons, personnel and money from Iran into Iraq," the military said. EFPs are powerful, armor-piercing roadside bombs that have killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers in recent months.
And if it's determined that there was no link to Iran, we can expect the military to set the record straight immediately and the headline to read, "Smugglers nabbed in Iraq did not have links to Iran." Right?


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Maybe the presumed Iranians have something to do with this (from Reuters):

DUBAI (Reuters) - The leader of an al Qaeda-linked group in Iraq vowed in an audio tape on Sunday to attack Iranians unless Iran cut off its support for the Iraqi government within two months.

"We give the ... Persians in general, and leaders of Iran in particular, two months to withdraw their support and presence in Iraq," Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, said in the 50-minute audio tape posted on Islamist Web site which has often carried al Qaeda statements.

In the first such threat by his group, Baghdadi said that unless Iran met his demands, the group would wage a "brutal war" against Iranians.

7/23/2007 11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did you think would happen when you put the Shia in charge of the place.

Stupid conservatives!

7/23/2007 2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We do not care what the truth is, it just complicates things.

It is spin and all the lies one can get away with.
Since the news media just want to print the manure that comes out of this administration the truth can be dispenced with.
The american voters prefer that, because then they do not have to think, because if they did they would have to face the ugly truth of what this country has become.

7/25/2007 8:49 PM  

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