Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tale Of Two Blogs

On Monday, you could have clicked through the dozens of posts on Jeremiah Wright at NRO's Corner. (As Andrew said, "If only Jeremiah Wright was running for something...the GOP would have a chance this year.") Or you could have read substantive posts like this one by Kelley Vlahos. My take on Kelley's topic is here.


Anonymous Kilfarsnar said...

Another great find in the Kelley Vlahos article, CR! It is one more indication of the profound criminality of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have unleashed Hell on those countries. The moral cowardice of our news media in not reporting these trends is staggering. Seriously, 90% of the news outlets are worthless.

None of it should be surprising however. Despite what we have been told by the media (we know what that's worth these days) the War on Terror is not being waged to benefit anyone but the junta in charge. This has been obvious for five years now, at least. It is about power and control. The hegemon does not care about women's or anyone's rights.

It seems that more and more people are realizing this. How long will it take America to realize that it's government is a threat to the world and its people?

4/29/2008 10:10 AM  
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