Saturday, April 08, 2006

Know Your Enemy

If you're not taking a few minutes sometimes to traverse obscure byways like the president's weekly radio address and Centcom news releases, you're missing out on some telling nuggets. Here's a story out of Centcom about an incident in Iraq. Remember, these are the guys running the war; one of Bush's favorite mantras is that military leaders on the ground, not politicians in Washington, determine strategy and troop levels:
Four terrorists and an Iraqi Army command sergeant major were killed in fighting as an Iraqi Army patrol stopped an anti-Iraqi forces attempt to steal a dump truck south of Baqubah March 31.

The Iraqi Army patrol and members of 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Task Force Band of Brothers engaged the thieving insurgents in a firefight as they were stopped in their attempted theft and started to flee. The anti-Iraqi force returned fire killing the sergeant major and wounding four other Iraqi Army Soldiers.

Four insurgents were killed, one wounded and eight detained. All of the wounded were transported to Baqubah General Hospital.

The detained men are being held by Coalition Forces for questioning.

After the firefight, the units inspected a white sedan the anti-Iraqi forces were using in their escape attempt. It was found to have a mortar tube with base plate, some mortar rounds and a sniper rifle with ammunition.

While conducting a search of the area near the firefight, Coalition Forces discovered three caches. These caches consisted of one anti-aircraft gun with ammunition, four shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, 24 mortar rounds, two mortar tubes, one grenade launcher, 2000 rounds of ammunition and two PKC rifles.
So in one short news release, our military describes the same small group of fighters as terrorists, anti-Iraq forces, insurgents, and thieving insurgents. In what way does that indicate we have a handle on whom we're actually fighting?

Also, in its attempt to stop a dump truck from being stolen, the Iraqi Army kills four but loses a high-ranking officer. Yes, it's good to see Iraqis assuming more of a combat role. But is that not a trade the insurgents will take any day of the week?


Blogger 277fia said...

C.R., Thanks. I checked out Centcom and got a big laugh from the What Extremists Say" page. Rakan Ben Williams, an undercover Al Qaeda soldier here in the United States, says a "big strike" is imminent and that this was our last chance to rid ourselves of our leadership. I say we should go for it!

Mr. Williams doesn't like Fred Silverman either and wants us to boycott NBC.

This excerpt from an al-Zawahiri message sort of resonates with me:

"My second message is to the American people, who are drowning in illusions. I tell them that Bush and his gang are shedding your blood and squandering your money in futile adventures that aim at pushing you into a confrontation which you cannot endure with the Muslims to boost their wealth..."

I forget whether you posted about Seymour Hirsch's New Yorker stroy yet. This talk about using nuclear weapons sounds serious to me. Really serious.

Our country is being run by frigging lunatics. And what's the alternative? I read about Hillary and Senator Al's several private luncheons and their growing relationship in Fred Dicker's NY Post column last Monday.

Remember Hillary? She's the one who told AIPAC in May '05 that Iran was the gravest threat facing the United States but never wrote to her constituents about the grave threat.

On the same page as Dicker's column was a great story by Geoff Earle about D'Amato's defense lobbying.

Yup, those two would sure bring the war to an end.

I visited the Itar-Tass website yesterday and for fun, followed links to military hardware websites. There sure are a lot of weapons for sale around the sale and from what I read, everyone expects the big numbers in defense spending to stay up.

Remember I was complaining about the phony biometrics industry? Here's another - unexploded ordinance removal. You would not believe how much money is being spent on it. You don't just clean the stuff up either. Oh, no. You need lots of studies and surveys before you can even think about removal.

If I was a terrorist with a lot of money, I'd try to develop bio-weaponery in the form of an AIDS-like virus to target certain segments of the population like Ivy League MBAs, defense contractors and lobbyists.

Oops! You are an Ivy League MBA. Don't panic - I don't have any money.

4/08/2006 11:48 PM  
Blogger Bravo 2-1 said...

The military has been calling the insurgency AIF for at least a year now. This reads like a propogandista got his hands on it: adding the gerund.

At least the "T" word or the "A.Q." phrase didn't end up in that release.

4/09/2006 3:28 PM  
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