Saturday, May 06, 2006

An Appropriate Sense Of Urgency

Russia and China insisted Friday that a Security Council resolution on Iran stress diplomacy and oversight of Tehran's nuclear program instead of raising the threat of possible future action.

Those demands kept Russia and China at odds with the United States, Britain and France over a proposed draft resolution.

The three Western nations had been hoping the council would adopt the resolution before foreign ministers of six key nations meet in New York on Monday to try to negotiate with Iran.

But it was clear after meetings on Friday that council members remain divided on two key issues and bridging the divide will be difficult.

The council agreed to hold an informal meeting on Saturday afternoon to go over members' concerns about the text. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said he was ready to work around the clock, but other members were less enthusiastic.
I guess when it's sixteen days till doomsday, there's no rest for the mendacious....


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