Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joe Says It's So....For Now

While watching Lieberman's concession speech a little while ago, I was struck by how "prepared" it was. I guess tonight wasn't exactly a surprise.

This is nothing short of a stunning success for Lamont and his supporters, who include many liberal bloggers. Say what you want about Kos, Atrios,, etc., but that's where the political energy is in this country right now. These people aren't sitting at home, remote-control in hand, bitching about things. They're out there working, organizing, pushing---and the incredible voter turnout on Tuesday night reflected that. It's refreshing and interesting to watch.

Since Lieberman's made it clear he will run as an independent, I hope they can sustain that energy until November. The unabashed support for Lieberman during the past few days by the usual suspects (Fox News, NRO, etc) indicates how much is at stake.


Anonymous KevinNYC said...

It's amazing that the a previous Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate and then Candidate is supported by Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrinch, William Kristol and others far right luminaries.

Joe's speech was prepared a couple of days ago. In fact he pretty much stopped campaigning. He invited his supporters to a party at 5PM on election day, when they should have been going all out to get out the vote.

I wonder if he will retain those that voted for him today

8/09/2006 3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given that Bush wouldn't even endorse the Republican party candidate in an interview last week, with the stream of GOP $$ sure to come, it is clear that Lieberman is now the real Republican candidate for the Senate. Always remember that it was support from William Buckley that got Lieberman started in his race in 1988 against Lowell Weicker.

8/09/2006 11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in no way a supporter of Mr Lieberman. I think he lost his way even back during the impeachment of President Clinton. But I am really concerned about the voices from the blog as part of this race. I am a very moderate centrist sort of person and I think that is what Sen. Liberman has tried to be (although he has done a poor job of it). But the idea that everything he says now is portrayed in some negative light on blog after blog is a little disheartening and intellectually dishonest. When Jim Jefferie chose to express his independence the Dems welcomed him with opened arms. I firecely disagree with Sen Lieberman and how he has provided cover for the President but a lot of what I have been reading on the blogs about him paint him in a light that really makes a lot of the left/center sound more like many on the right. I'm not sure I am being as clear as I want to be about this, but all I am trying to say is that I hope that there is a place for the center in this country.

8/09/2006 1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again....I was referring to Jim Jeffers of VT and the word I was looking for as it relates to Sen. Liberman was demonize. I think it is possible to lay out the facts without resorting to name calling and demonization...but I might be naive.

8/09/2006 1:29 PM  
Anonymous thirdeye said...

Oh dear, I don't like where this is headed...

8/09/2006 1:31 PM  
Anonymous RW said...

It would be good to recover the political center in the US but issues and ideologies have become so polarized and bitter it's difficult to imagine that happening any time soon. In any case I would disagree that Lieberman was even centrist much less "left/centrist;" if anything he was right/centrist but that doesn't quite capture the problem with the man. Perhaps it would be closer to observe that, beyond mere pragmatism, he seems far too willing to cater to power and that he displayed a great deal of skill in masking his real preferences.

Lieberman did indeed vote with the Democrats the majority of the time but in most cases it was a vote that didn't matter much, either because it was a losing cause or because the Democrats had joined with the Republicans on one of the (increasingly rare) compromise issues; the votes that mattered, both ideologically and substantively -- from the Schiavo debacle to the weakening of FASB standards governing corporate reporting to the Iraq misadventure -- were the ones those in power wanted and the ones Lieberman supported.

This is something beyond liberal vs. conservative with something in between. It would frankly not be unreasonable for any Connecticut voter regardless of ideological persuasion to begin suspecting a cuckoo in the nest, a different man under the mask, and that the bacon Lieberman was presumably bringing home was benefiting too few and the price actually paid by the average citizen much higher than advertised.

Lieberman chose to become an Independent rather than a Republican because he sees the latter label as a political liability now but the nature of his support makes it abundantly clear what he is. He has not been nor will he be a "balancing" influence if re-elected. That’s just my opinion of course; I do not trust the man. Of course, if it comes to that, there are precious few in Washington that I do trust right now so perhaps that isn’t saying very much; let’s just say I do not consider him the lesser of two evils and leave it at that.

8/09/2006 2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in no way a supporter of Mr Lieberman. I think he lost his way even back during the impeachment of President Clinton. But I am really concerned about the voices from the blog as part of this race. I am a very moderate centrist sort of person and I think that is what Sen. Liberman has tried to be (although he has done a poor job of it).

I don't understand this line of thinking at all. To my mind, the most dismaying thing about the last five years hasn't been any one policy disaster or concerted piece of Washington idiocy (God knows there's been no shortage of either in that time). No, the truly disheartening and worrying thing has been the failure of major institutions that portray themselves as pillars of democratic (small 'd') society. And no institutions have abdicated more than the national press organs, and the Congress.

The "moderate", "balanced" press has routinely let the administration pass logical and factual howlers that even Leonid Brezhnev would be reluctant to mouth. The Congress has simply decided to forgo its Constitutional obligations (e.g., I hear there's a quaint thing called a "Declaration of War"). If a few bloggers are really so deluded that they actually listened to their high school civics class, and then have the impertinence to raise their voices about the betrayal of America's best traditions and ideals -- how, exactly, is this a bad thing?

Lieberman contributed much more than most to this institutional dysfunction -- both in his paid job, and in his media gassing. It wasn't just the war, or his increasingly bizarre defenses of an obviously pathological administration. Lieberman's role in bankruptcy "reform" was a disgrace, weasel-ish even by Congressional standards. He helped ease Alito in the Supreme Court. Long before he had any national prominence, he was helped catalyze the fast and loose approach to financial regulation that Enron came to love.

Nope, putz Joe got exactly what he deserved. His defeat is a little sign that the wheezing old carcass of American representative government may still have a bit of life left. We can only hope that his colleagues get the message that the sweet Congressional salary is not a birthright.
-- sglover

8/09/2006 2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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The Zawahiri Letter does not appear to be fabricated (see: —some piece of work if were fabricated, which appears unlikely), or it is entirely legitimate, which is more likely, and was released by the U.S. in order to falsely justify the U.S. presence in Iraq and the phony U.S. “War on Terrorism” by falsely hyping the threat from Jihad in Iraq, where Jihadists remain in the minority, and to act as the pretext for the present shift into the final stage of capitalism—Permanent War. In fact that is exactly how the U.S. Director of National Security and the capitalist media played it (see:, while simultaneously allowing their agent Zarqawi to denounce the correct advice in the Zawahiri letter to stop bombing Shiite Mosques, as supposedly “fraudulent,” thus permitting Zarqawi to falsely disassociate himself from his U.S. masters and strengthening his hand while escalating the bombing/provocations! The reason that the United States deliberately did not report the specifics of how they intercepted the letter in this case was a tactic used in order to strengthen Zarqawi’s false claim among his constituents that the letter was supposedly fabricated by U.S. “intelligence.” In comparison, remember how eager the U.S. was to report all the specifics of how they captured Saddam Hussein! It is indisputable that Zarqawi’s actions clearly defined him at the very minimum as an objective agent of U.S. imperialism. Undoubtedly Zarqawi was much more than simply an objective agent of the U.S.! Up to the point the U.S. decided to assassinate him he was crucial to U.S. objectives in Iraq and would have to have been fully in full confidence on virtually every detail.

Despite the U.S./Zarqawi strategy of provocation the majority of Iraqis have not swallowed the bait and are not accepting the U.S. planned civil war scenario, despite the stepped up systematic atrocities carried out by Zarqawi, and the retaliatory slaughters carried out by the Madi Army and other Shiite militias which will have not stopped, but have increased since Zarqawi’s assassination! The Iraqi masses smell a rat and are not eager to play into the hands of the United State’s clumsy divide and conquer plans. The condemnation of the attacks on February 25th by religious leaders simply reflects this awareness and reality as much as it may have been to hide their part in it. The Iraqi Liberation Movement, the main opposition to the U.S. invaders, targets the U.S. invaders almost exclusively and saw through Zarqawi and the U.S. objective to partition Iraq and they do not support a civil war! Even the cleric Moktada al-Sadr does not seem ready to commit to a civil war immediately in the conventional sense despite the fact that his followers the Mahdi Army, supposedly numbering several thousand fighters, who to their credit previously fought in 2 uprisings against the U.S. invaders, have recently been manipulated into attacking Sunnis in response to U.S. agent Zarqawi’s campaign of bombing Shiite Mosques. Their escalated execution attacks on Sunnis have increased following the bombing of the Askariya Mosque by the U.S. agent Zarqawi and Co. and the huge car bombs of U.S. manipulated provocateurs in the Shiite Sadr City markets. Moktada al-Sadr may believe that he can play a leadership role in a divided Iraq based on the strength of his militia, which has already infiltrated the Iraqi police and military. But the reality is that he will still wind up where he is now—on his knees to his U.S. masters. The Mahdi Army now has members in the puppet Iraqi parliament and ministers in the government with the understanding that in practice they support the U.S. goal of partition of Iraq.

In order to try to pump up the credibility of their agent provocateur Zarqawi among his constituency of brainwashed Islamic fundamentalists, after the totally discrediting bombing of the Askariya golden-domed Shiite Mosque in Samarra, the U.S. dishonestly released a video made in November 2005, which his U.S. masters had received earlier but had been saving to release, showing Al Qaeda’s second in command Zawahiri still praising Zarqawi apparently in the vain hope that he might yet still have some influence on Zarqawi in line with the recommendations made in the Zawahiri letter not to bomb Shiite mosques and civilians. This was before Zarqawi and his Islamic fundamentalist fanatics/manipulees blew up the Askariya mosque which as mentioned above, was carried out in order to elicit escalated retaliatory killing of Sunnis by Shiite militias, all designed to help set the stage for the long-planned U.S. goal of partition of Iraq! Divide and Conquer! In another apparently weird attempt to simultaneously pump up Zarqawi among his tiny devoted brainwashed Sunni fundamentalist constituency before assassinating him, while falsely disassociating themselves from their agent provocateur as supposedly “a bumbling idiot,” the U.S. evidently had Zarqawi make a videotape which was then played repeatedly all over the Mideast media where Zarqawi fires a machine gun and appears to look very macho. But on “closer examination” several days later on outtakes from the preparation of that video, outtakes that the U.S. claims were captured but which they could only realistically possess if they were the ones to commission the making of that promotional film (a specialty of the capitalists) in the first place, it was revealed that Zarqawi did not even know how to fire and clear the chamber of a 50-caliber machine gun himself and that he wears U.S. New Balance athletic shoes—which may have been provided to him by his U.S. masters. (New York Times, May 5, 2006.) The reason for the promotional film and the outtakes became completely clear with Zarqawi’s assassination on June 8, 2006. (See above.)

So far the U.S. efforts in ethnic cleansing of Sunni areas, in order to set the basis for a de facto partition of Iraq, have resulted in the displacement of over 60,000 Shiites by April 2006, and 65,000 Shiites by July 2006, from Sunni areas who now live in tents. The U.S. helped engineer the very same ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia and have tried to blame people such as the Serbians Slobodan Milosevic and Milan Babic for this divide and conquer policy. The U.S. had both Milosevic and Babic poisoned in The Hague after Milosevic won his case at the International War Criminals Trial at The Hague. The U.S. now demands that Serbia turn over Ratko Mladic for “trial” to be likewise assassinated, who the imperialists want to take the rap alone for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, one massacre among many which was a result of implementation of the United States’ ruthless plan to divide and conquer Yugoslavia, a country where people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds previously lived in peace and complete harmony! This ethnic cleansing is exactly what is happening in Iraq at this moment! The capitalists’ most recent divide and conquer efforts have resulted on May 22, 2006 in the division of Montenegro from Serbia thereby punishing the Serbian people and permanently cutting it off from the sea! The U.S. had already installed a puppet government in place in Serbia to facilitate this final divide and conquer of Yugoslavia. As an indication that the United States and it puppet government in Iraq are about to move to officially partition Iraq the media are screaming: “Time is running out to hold this country together!” (NBC News, July 22, 2006.) In August 1947 the British gave independence to British India and because they feared such a large unified country, deliberately fomented Hindu-Moslem differences to simultaneously partition it into today’s India and Pakistan forcing millions of Moslems North and millions of Hindus South in a huge forced migration. The capitalists are very experienced at creating division and that is why it is important to organize on the basis of the only valid division, the division between the capitalist class and the Working Class.

While some U.S.-controlled Iraqi print media scream for civil war, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has a strong influence on Iraqi Shiites also correctly fingered the United States in the Askariya Mosque bombing, but incorrectly also blamed the Israeli Zionists. (The U.S. does not need much direct help from Israel in Iraq! But in Lebanon the U.S. did authorize the Zionists to blow up and assassinate the politically expendable Rafik Hariri and in July 2006 the U.S. directed its proxy state of so-called “Israel” to attack Lebanon! See detailed explanation below under subheads!) The majority of the population in Iraq knows that the only player which actually benefits from a civil war or partition of Iraq is the United States. Divide and conquer is a well-known policy of capitalist statecraft and is also used within the United States and around the world, as is explained further below. On the other hand the Muhammad Cartoon Provocation, which is analyzed extensively further below (see subhead on this topic below), was also designed to elicit anger and a violent response from Islamic fundamentalist everywhere, which in turn provides the continuing pretext for the capitalists’ policy of Permanent War. During this whole time conspiracy theorists have continued to insist that either Zarqawi or Bin Laden or both were dead or make other bizarre claims, in order to keep their followers confused and unable to even follow what is going on! Now they can have their way on Zarqawi while they cover up the role he played. See section further below on conspiracy theory. Also see below the large section on the Middle East which includes the Invasion of Lebanon, the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by the U.S. and Israel in a thwarted “Queen Sacrifice” to try to advance the Oslo Peace Accords, the assassination of Yassar Arafat and the assassination of Lebanon’s Rafik Hariri.

The only correct political position for all progressive opposition to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq must be: Support the only position with successful historical precedent: Call for Mutiny of U.S. armed Forces in Iraq as in Vietnam—the real reason and the only reason that the Vietnam War finally ended in 1975. The slogan “Bring Home The Troops” is a double-edged pacifist deception carefully designed 1.) To demoralize the masses when they see that the capitalists do not “bring home the troops” after protest demonstrations and venting which does not propose a realistic solution and leads nowhere and 2.) To deliberately deceive the masses to believe that capitalism, which is fundamentally dependent on war and mass murder to steal new resources and markets, can somehow be “reformed” and made “peaceful.” That is not happening because it ignores the dynamic and the history of capitalism. The “Bring Home The Troops” slogan appears even more absurd as capitalism has now entered its final stage of Permanent War! Permanent War is actually the most ideal Pre-Revolutionary situation possible because the likelihood of mutiny is maximally increased, and cries out for mutiny. The capitalists cannot reverse from the stage of Permanent War. But we cannot wait 13 or 14 years before there is a mutiny as in Vietnam, which was quickly quelled by the U.S. evacuation. Mutiny must be called for by all revolutionaries in the United States and carried out by developing Communist soldiers in Iraq. (A Communist is anyone who wants a new system based on human need not private profit and actively works to further this objective.) It is well known that the morale in the U.S. armed forces is very “bad.” Bad for the capitalists! Good for us! So do not adopt an opportunist position or be fooled or scared by the U.S imperialists bravado or threats of listening to phone conversations or monitoring your bank records. The release of such information in the capitalist media is purely for purposes of intimidation of the U.S. domestic population, which overwhelmingly opposes the policies of the capitalist dictatorship, which they recognize is hardening by the day. The phony “protest” by the capitalist dictatorship at the exposure of these domestic spying programs by the main flagships of U.S. imperialism, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal is done precisely in order to falsely disassociate the media which is doing the bidding of its master, to make the media appear “free” and “independent,” when in fact the information is released for one purpose only—to intimidate people—to scare, divide and more easily control the masses.

There is no substitute for a mutiny, which is the Pre-Condition for a Socialist Revolution, because the capitalists must be deprived of the ability to send bodies of armed men against the masses before opposing viewpoints can even be heard on an equal basis. All levels of military leadership should be targeted to support the mutiny because survival of the human race is in everyone’s interest! In the armed forces only Fascist militarist zombies are unable to realize that. All wars are either won or lost on moral and every movement begins with the call! The experience of the U.S. Mutiny in Vietnam must be widely publicized—not covered up as is done by all of the fake “left,” which is run by a network of political police agents led by fanatical anti-Communists such as Ramsey Clark and other misleaders of the fake “left.” With the Mutiny an accomplished fact and as the military comes under the control of the Socialist Revolution it will be supplemented with the armed vanguard of the exploited and working people. In addition, we have to make every effort to break the morale of the capitalists themselves. This is both possible and necessary and occurred to some extent in Russia in 1917 and it must occur to an even wider degree in the United States. The basis for this is the Law of Unity of Opposites—a person can be both a capitalist and a Communist simultaneously. This is a corollary of Dialectical and Historical Materialism which is covered up by the all of the fake “left” groups. Friedrich Engels himself was a capitalist and owned a large factory! Every possible effort must be made to recruit the capitalists themselves to break their class loyalty! The huge philanthropic effort made by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can not go very far toward achieving their imagined illusory objectives because it is opposed by programs already in place and policies of the United States government which are based fundamentally on mass murder and designed to spread disease and reduce the population. The one possible exception might be a vaccine for malaria because the capitalists want to develop Africa. See below.

The United States is Deliberately Using Depleted Uranium
Ammunition in Order to Make Iraq Permanently Uninhabitable
Just As They Did To Southern Iraq Already During The 1991
Pershing Gulf Slaughter and Again in Kosova and Serbia!

Since 1980 all U.S. tank, artillery and machine gun shells down to the 50-caliber machine gun cartridges have used Depleted Uranium (also known as Uranium-238) in order to make any area the U.S. fights permanently uninhabitable. This is documented by the 2004 report in The New York Times that the former Soviet Union (now Russia), which was always far ahead of the U.S. in metallurgical advances, offered to give the U.S. the formula for their own secret alloy which is not radioactive but equally as strong as Depleted Uranium and much lighter in addition, with the added advantage that it would not weigh down tanks as the DU does. (Depleted Uranium is 1.7 times as dense as lead!) The United States refused the Russian offer out of hand and refused to even discuss it with the Russians. In other words the U.S. is using Depleted Uranium not only because it is a very hard material but also for political reasons precisely because it is radioactive and sends a long-term message! That message is: “if you actually dare to confront the United States militarily your country will be left permanently uninhabitable.” The argument that the U.S. is supposedly “being smart and saving money” by recycling a tiny percentage of its huge amount of nuclear waste is totally fraudulent. The U.S. government will spend any amount of money on virtually any weapons system and fund virtually any conceivable project, which is not a totally transparent boondoggle, because doing so also accomplishes one of the primary goals of the Capitalist Regime—diversion of money from social spending. The real reason for the “Bush Tax Cuts,” also known as “Supply Side Economics” and “Trickle Down Economics” in the Reagan Regime, is to “create a Strategic Budget Deficit in order to divert money from social spending” just like in the Reagan Regime as explained in the 1986 book “The Triumph of Politics: Why The Reagan Revolution Failed” by David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s economic czar. See further below.

The United States also does not care whether it sacrifices its own troops to achieve its objectives which include the radioactive contamination of countries it invades. Far from it! It’s not that “they don’t care.” They do it deliberately! In fact the U.S. welcomes a means of early disposal of their military veterans due to cancer from exposure to Depleted Uranium or “protective anthrax vaccine” after they have served their purpose. After all, the soldier’s purpose under capitalism is to do and die and not ask the reason why! Military personnel under capitalism have become just another expendable resource to be used and disposed of like so much garbage minus their limbs, life or mental state. This coincides perfectly with the Fascist U.S. Social Darwinist objective of world and domestic population reduction. See below. The undeniable reality is that the capitalist regime has cut back on Veterans Benefits and is in the process of closing Veterans Hospitals throughout the United States. Approximately 186,000 1991 Gulf War vets came down with health problems, most of them from Depleted Uranium. (The other cause of the Gulf War Syndrome was due to the multiple and polyvalent vaccinations all soldiers were obligated to take prior to being deployed to Iraq. (Some did refuse!) The proof of this is the fact that a significant percentage of soldiers who received those vaccinations but were not deployed to the Gulf in 1991 came down with the Gulf War Syndrome. See under Vaccinosis subheading below.) This is one more reason for all members of the U.S. military to organize a Mutiny in Iraq as in Vietnam in 1975!

Depleted Uranium is a radioactive heavy metal which emits steady alpha radiation and is extremely dense. The U.S. government tries to cover up that reality with the Big Lie that DU is only mildly radioactive and chemically toxic. HaHaHa! Very funny! The half-life of Depleted Uranium is a mere 4 ½ billion years! DU is a by-product of nuclear reactor fuel processing and also contains traces of plutonium-239 and radioactive uranium-236, as reported in January 2001 by a Swiss Laboratory. Depleted Uranium is a misnomer because it contains about 60% of the radioactivity found in natural uranium. It also possesses a pyrophoric property which enables it to punch and burn its way through conventional armor. Armor plating made of Depleted Uranium provides increased protection from conventional shells. When a Depleted Uranium (DU) shell strikes a target, up to 70% of it vaporizes into a fine dust which then settles out in surrounding soil and water, sometimes more than a hundred miles away. Over half the aerosolized particles are smaller than 5 microns and anything smaller than 10 microns can be inhaled. Once lodged in the lungs the particles emit a steady dose of alpha radiation. DU is also chemically toxic which damages the kidneys, the immune system and the central nervous system and, of course, is highly carcinogenic! M1A1 Abrams battle tanks fire 120 mm. rounds which each contain 10.5 lbs. of depleted uranium. M1 and M60 tanks fire a 105 mm round with 8.5 lbs of Depleted Uranium!

The Pentagon reported that they had fired 14,000 Depleted Uranium shells in the 1991 Persian Gulf Slaughter; 7,000 of which were fired in Saudi Arabia for target practice, 4,000 were fired against the Iraqi forces and 3,000 were consumed by fires or other accidents! In addition, 940,000 30 mm Depleted Uranium rounds were fired by A-10 “Warthog” jets in tank killing operations. All together the Pentagon estimated 320 tons of Depleted Uranium were fired by the U.S. and British troops. All of that still remains in southern Iraq, where the incidence of cancer is astronomical! Over the years since the Desert Storm Slaughter, the incidence of leukemia and cancer in southern Iraq has risen 9 times from 11 in 100,000 to 96 in 100,000. And now with the U.S. Invasion of Iraq in 2003 Depleted Uranium is found all over Iraq and in the central cities! On April 4, 2004 the New York Daily News reported that even U.S. military police were coming back from the latest U.S. invasion which began in 2003 with cancers caused by DU in their bodies as measured by multiple collector inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. Depleted Uranium shells have been used everywhere in Baghdad and Iraq since the 2003 invasion. The U.S also used Depleted Uranium (10,000 DU rounds) against Serbian forces in 1994-1995 in Bosnia and in the 1999 U.S. and British forces bombed and shelled the Yugoslav army with 31,000 shells of various calibers. The so-called “Balkan Syndrome” was the same as the Gulf War Syndrome and was characterized by cancer, memory lapses, insomnia, inflammation of joints and the respiratory tract. All of these countries invaded by the U.S. are now permanently uninhabitable! Would you like to live there?

Materials which could replace Depleted Uranium, other than the unknown alloy offered by the Russians which was rejected by the U.S., are titanium and tungsten alloys. The authors of the 1999 book Metal of Dishonor edited by John Catalinotto of the fake “left” Workers’ World Party, are chief anti-Communists Ramsey Clark and Michio Kaku, who cover up the U.S. refusal of the Russian offer and the actual reason the U.S. has chosen to use Depleted Uranium and it true significance as outlined above, even in their most recent speeches on Depleted Uranium. Neither so much as calls for a new economic-political-social system based on human need, not private profit. The fake “left” tries to control every issue and perpetuate the illusion that capitalism can be reformed and made peaceful and that we should continue to permit the capitalist dictatorship to retain state power. Kaku is a pretentious fraud, pushed by the anti-Communist WBAI fake “left” Pacifica radio station (see below), who sucks in the gullible and pushes string theory in a brazen attempt to try to supplant quantum mechanics with fraudulent undocumented purely mathematical theory in a decision by the so-called U.S. “Intelligence Community” to keep the masses confused even on basic physics (see below). Kaku is also part of the cover-up of the documented fact that AIDS is Biowarfare by the U.S. Government against Blacks and Gays. See the section on Biowarfare below. Meanwhile, WBAI radio station in the person of Gary Null, who evidently was threatened to stop saying that AIDS was Biowarfare by the U.S. government if wanted to keep appearing on WBAI and sell his books and vitamins, now pushes the most reactionary position of all—that AIDS has no etiologic agent (!) and is supposedly a “lifestyle disease” thereby Blaming the Victim, and even generalizing it to the denial of the entire microbiological basis of infectious disease!

The United States Now Threatens and Prepares to Bomb Iran!
The U.S. Has Used its Proxy State of “Israel” to Invade Gaza and
Totally Destroy Lebanon in Order to Threaten Syria and Iran Under
The Ridiculous Pretext of “Kidnapped Soldiers and Homemade Rocket
Attacks” (and refusing to be Subjugated by the U.S./“Israeli” Axis) as
They Set the Stage for the Main Objective of Bombing Iran!

In an April 17, 2006 article in The New Yorker magazine Seymour Hersh, a longtime U.S. intelligence agent, was provided with the information to make the case for bombing Iran. The capitalists have used Hersh in previous situations. Among his many disservices to humanity Hersh previously wrote a book in service of the Fascist Reagan regime entitled: “The Target is Destroyed” in order to systematically cover up the U.S.-orchestrated Korean Airliner (KAL) Provocation which was used to undermine Soviet opposition to the placement of U.S. Pershing II First Strike missiles in Germany less than 15 minutes from Moscow, a move which did in fact result in the 1988 Soviet surrender to the threat of a nuclear war—not an “economic collapse.” (See further below.) In that provocation an altitude bomb (described by the Soviet pilot Gennadi Osipovich as “a large secondary explosion which destroyed the aircraft as it descended”) was placed in the Korean 747 airliner to insure that even if the USSR did not shoot it down, which it did, the U.S. could claim the plane was shot down. The Korean pilot was directed to fly straight into the Soviet Union over the Kamchatka peninsula and was personally assured by the disgraced murderer Richard Nixon who was at the airport in Anchorage, Alaska before it took off, that the Soviets would not shoot down the plane because they would not risk the bad publicity which would damage international relations! The official story was that Nixon “almost took the flight!” So disingenuous! See further below for complete analysis of this topic.
The Seymour Hersh article in The New Yorker on the other hand actually makes the strongest possible U.S. case to bomb Iran citing all the fanatics in the CIA and “Israel” as well as those who argue that it would be a big mistake. While some believe that the article is merely a threat. But the dynamic of capitalism, which is independent of the wills of the capitalists and politicians which make it up, and now in its final stage of Permanent War, makes such a military strike—targeting “at least 400 targets” in Iran including the possible use of “tactical nuclear bunker-buster weapons such as the B61-11” very likely, unless Iran backs down and submits to the dictates of the United States. Which does not seem entirely likely! The strategy of the U.S. dictatorship is apparently to use its Proxy State of “Israel” to carry out this objective, just as they previously used “Israel” to bomb the Osirak Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. On July 12, 2006 Hezbollah kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers and demanded a prisoner exchange. Although this has occurred numerous times previously, this time “Israel” seemed to be waiting for what has served as a pretext for a massive all-out attack on Lebanon with relentless aerial slaughter of population centers and bombing of the infrastructure, including power stations and the water supply just as they have already done in Gaza! As a ridiculously false pretext for massive bombing of civilian areas the U.S./“Israeli” axis bizarrely claims that Hezbollah is “hiding behind human shields.” The genuinely repulsive Christiane Amanpour Rubin, a professional liar and member of the United States “intelligence community,” married to the former chief spokesman for the U.S. State Department, clumsily tried to blame the victim: “Hezbollah has brought a rain of terror down upon Lebanon!”(?) CNN July 22, 2006.
Although Hezbollah is supported by both Syria and Iran, Hezbollah is an extremely popular social service movement in Lebanon composed of Lebanese, which in addition to running hospitals, schools and supporting virtually all of the social services in southern Lebanon from construction to picking up the garbage and even paying the bills, also has a self-defense guerilla army, not a “terrorist army” made up of Lebanese Shiite civilians. Hezbollah is supported by the overwhelming majority of the general Shiites, Sunnis and even some in the Christian population of Lebanon and is the reason why U.S./“Israel” also bombed some Christian areas of Lebanon! It should be recalled that “Israel” used the Christian Phalangist Militia to carry out the massacres of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps in September 15-16, 1982! Despite every effort to divide the Sunnis and Shiites in Lebanon, as the U.S. is making every effort to do in their goal to partition Iraq using manipulated Provocateurs as their main weapon as explained above, this effort has completely failed in Lebanon. As part of the preparation for their long planned War Against Lebanon, which began on July 12, 2006, the United States directed the “Israeli” Mossad to assassinate the loyal but politically expendable Rafik Hariri one year previously, as the pretext to force Syria to withdraw its ground forces from Lebanon in preparation for the planned invasion of Lebanon, and to try to take over the Lebanese government and convert it into a puppet state such as Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates! Although the capitalist were able to force Syria to withdraw its forces from Lebanon and install their puppet Fuad Saniora as Prime Minister they were not able to take over the government completely! It is a well-known fact that an invading army cannot defeat a guerrilla army such as Hezbollah, which is supported by population! It is a well-known military fact that such an invasion against a popularly supported guerrilla army cannot be won on the ground, and it most certainly cannot be won by an aerial bombing campaign! Hezbollah can also not be defeated by eliminating the civilian population from the border by completely destroying the housing and infrastructure near the border. And that is not the prime U.S./“Israeli” objective.
The U.S. and its Proxy State of “Israel” know that they can not destroy or disarm Hezbollah, nor can they destroy the Palestinian Sunni Hamas popular movement in Gaza. The reality is that the U.S. has decided to use its Proxy State to “change the rules” by destroying housing and infrastructure and targeting the human population, not just at the border but throughout newly rebuilt Lebanon and Beirut! The real reason for the total destruction of Lebanon is to threaten Syria and Iran and to condition the world to accept widened U.S./“Israeli” Fascist aggression throughout the Mideast, where a similar bombing campaign against Syria and Iran will be more easily accepted in what is to be another Bait and Switch Operation, like the U.S. used in shifting its focus from Afghanistan to Iraq. This is not hidden but stated completely openly: “Israel wants to send a strong message to all its enemies, especially Iran, that the consequences of attacking the Jewish state will be unbearable.” (Associated Press July 20, 2006.) It should be obvious that the U.S./“Israel” Axis can arrange or assert or concoct such a provocation at the drop of a hat to justify an all-out aerial attack on Iran precisely as described in the Seymour Hersh article in the New Yorker! The destruction of Lebanon is one more demonstration that capitalism has moved into its final stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism, from which it cannot reverse! The U.S. message is: “Get used to it!” “The U.S. Hands Are Tied!” “The rules are changed”—changed to expand and condition the world to accept the U.S./“Israel” policy of Permanent War and State Terrorism. That is what is really meant by “changing the rules!”
It should also be noted that only Hezbollah has fought to defend Lebanon! The Lebanese army and present puppet government is in practice completely subservient and obedient to the U.S. and “Israel” and has given passive support to their supposed U.S./“Israeli” enemy by standing aside to permit the invasion to occur allowing Lebanon to be reduced to total rubble. The U.S./“Israeli”—puppet Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora has provided diplomatic and political cover for the U.S./“Israeli” State Terrorists to completely destroy Lebanon and commit mass murder with total impunity by meeting with the U.S. KindaSleezy Rice, who in practice insists on the total destruction of Lebanon—but not to “destroy Hezbollah,” which is not possible, but to raise the ante so that the World will more easily accept the planned bombing of Iran and Syria! (See above.) In a vain attempt to try to regain some sort of credibility the U.S./“Israeli”—puppet Saniora claimed that he would “order the Lebanese Army to defend Lebanon if Israel invaded”—10 days after Israel had already totally destroyed most the country. Saniora lied! Although “Israel” has no intention of actually occupying Lebanon on a long term basis, because Hezbollah’s Guerrilla army had already defeated “Israel” in the previous 18 year occupation of Lebanon forcing “Israel” to withdraw from Lebanon in May 2000, “Israel” did in fact invade Lebanon on July 2, 2006, going through the motions in a vain attempt to “destroy Hezbollah,” while continuing to bomb Lebanon into rubble—their main objective—in preparation to bomb Iran and Syria. The U.S. directed its puppet Saniora to order the Lebanese Army to stand completely aside to permit further destruction of Lebanon! The U.S./ “Israeli” Axis and their puppet Lebanese puppet Saniora declare that they actually intend to use the Lebanese Army to help some international force disarm Hezbollah and go on its knees to the Invaders! The present Lebanese government does not represent the interests of the majority of the Lebanese people. On August 7, 2006 in order to hide his complicity in the destruction of Lebanon, Saniora went so far as to repeatedly publicly feign tears—transparent crocodile tears, which did not actually come out of his eyes, as the Lebanese body count and destruction of Lebanon continued!
Hezbollah’s defense of Lebanon has had to be limited to Katyusha rockets and slightly longer range Fajr-3 (25 miles) and Fajr-5 (45 miles) because of total air supremacy by the U.S./“Israel.” Although Hezbollah has been able to fire around 200 rockets a day into Israel, the largest Hezbollah rockets contain no more that 100 lbs. of explosive and they are totally unguided. The U.S. on the other hand uses its Proxy State of “Israel” to drop 4000 500 lb. and 1000 lb. bombs every day on Lebanon and the capitalist media cover this slight discrepancy. The Israelis have objected vehemently, angrily, indignantly and absurdly to the fact that the Lebanese, but only through Hezbollah alone, have had the temerity to even fight back against their Fascist Judeo-Nazi onslaught. The “Israelis” claim to have “pushed back and degraded Hezbollah but this is just another Big Lie! The “Israelis” move into an area and they are totally surrounded and attacked at will by the outgunned Hezbollah. The capitalist media support fully the U.S./ “Israeli” mass murder in Lebanon, where the Israelis have slaughtered more than 10 Lebanese for every Israeli. Here the subservient “Lebanese” government has even falsely under-reported the number of Lebanese casualties refusing to include the huge number of people slaughtered in the rubble. Unlike the phrase “innocent Lebanese—or Palestinian civilians,” it should be reiterated there is no such thing as an “innocent Israeli civilian” because every Israeli citizen must serve every year in the Israeli army until age 55! Every “Israeli” child—boy or girl—is a future brainwashed mass murderer of Palestinians, Lebanese and whoever they are directed to kill for any concocted reason. The Palestinians, Lebanese and the entire Middle East has been fighting a purely defensive war ever since the 1948 creation of so-called “Israel.” The media, a privatized arm of the U.S. government’s “intelligence community,” for the most part covers up and disingenuously reports merely that “the U.S. is giving Israel enough time to degrade and weaken Hezbollah,” when they know very well that the objective goes much, much farther, as a practice run, a “dress rehearsal” to prepare to bomb Iran, the main objective as described above, while they condition the world to accept an “uncontrollable Israel.” Meanwhile “Israel” has used the minimally proportioned retaliation from Katyushas and the threat of Zelzal-2 missiles which have not yet been used, which have a 200-km range but lack a guidance system rendering them very inaccurate, to try to perpetuate the hoax of “defending so-called “Israel.” The “Israeli” army even ridiculously labels itself: Israel Defense Forces!
The unsupported “Israeli” claims that it was not an unmanned drone laden with explosives which hit an Israeli missile warship but an Iranian-made, radar-guided C-802 missile as well as the totally unsupported accusations that the rockets are under the control of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) or Syrian commanders, which even if they were true, is indubitably motivated by more than a mere hypocritical attempt to try to hide the fact that “Israel” is just a Proxy State of the United States, by falsely labeling Hezbollah as a “proxy army of Syria and Iran. This appears to be simply part of the move to politically position “Israel,” the cat’s paw of U.S. imperialism, to bomb Iran under the phony pretext of “defense.” The U.S. hypocritically criticizes Syria and Iran for supplying Hezbollah with “high tech rockets,” while it supplies virtually all of the precision satellite and laser guided bombs and missile systems and every conceivable weaponry for its Proxy State of so-called “Israel.” “Israel” has chosen to manufacture all of its own artillery shells and ammunition down to 50-caliber machine gun cartridges because all of the U.S. manufactured ammunition is made of Depleted Uranium, which the U.S. has already used to deliberately make Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of the former Yugoslavia permanently radioactive and provide a means of permanent population reduction in those countries! (See above!) The U.S. has also supplied so-called “Israel” with over 200 nuclear weapons kept at Damona and has already supplied “Israel” with both 1000 lb. and one hundred 5000 lb. conventional laser-guided bunker buster bombs (GBU-28’s), some of which they have used in Lebanon (“U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery For the Israelis,” New York Times, (July 22, 2006), and may also have supplied its Proxy State with bunker buster nukes perhaps to be used in Iran as described in the Seymour Hersh article! In addition to “Israel” only puppet Arab states receive U.S. military aid. For example, the U.S. puppet state of Saudi Arabia also received $6 billion in military aid this year from the United States.
It should also be noted that every effort has been made since the forcible creation of so-called “Israel” to deny that “Israel” is merely a Zionist puppet/proxy state doing the bidding of the United States. For example, in 1967 the U.S. even went so far as to directly authorize “Israel” to attack its own U.S. warship, the USS Liberty deliberately sacrificing the lives of 34 U.S. sailors in an attempt to falsely dissociate the U.S. from its Israeli Proxy State by portraying “Israel” as “uncontrollable.” (See further below for complete discussion of “Israel.”) To hide the fact that the U.S. directed and authorized the present escalation of all out war in the Mideast the capitalist media uses such ridiculous and absurd headlines as “U.S. Supports Israel’s Right To Self Defense” (Self-Defense?!), “U.S. Gives Qualified Support For Israel’s Strikes,” “U.S. on Israel’s Side, “U.S. Gives Green Light to Israel” and “U.S. Finds Its Hands Tied”! Without the $3-4 billion the U.S. gives Israel each year and the oil supplied by the U.S. the puppet government “Israel” would collapse immediately. H.W. Bush provided the formal pretext to keep Israel out of the Persian Gulf War in 1991 with the threat of cutting off $6 billion in economic credits. See below. Meanwhile the U.S. government is trying to build support for U.S./“Israeli” atrocities and destruction in Lebanon by every means possible, including apparent funding for an enormous increase in the Jews For Jesus group to hand out flyers at hundreds of subway stops in New York City and putting up advertisements for a newly concocted group “Jesus for Jews” in subway cars!
A key to understanding the situation is the fact that Israel refused to exchange the 2 captured Israeli soldiers and chose instead to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age, while making every effort to implicate Syria and Iran, in what was undoubtedly a completely independent action by Hezbollah, similar to actions which had occurred intermittently for years previously! The masses throughout the Mideast do not have to receive orders from Syria or Iran to hate, despise and attack so-called “Israel!” Israel has a long history of prisoner exchange. On March 15, 1979 Israel exchanged 66 Palestinians for one Israeli soldier! On November 24, 1983 Israel exchanged 4,700 Palestinians and Lebanese for 6 Israeli soldiers! On June 28, 1984 Israel exchanged 291 Syrian soldiers and 20 “security prisoners” for 3 Israeli soldiers, 3 Israeli “civilians” and the remains of 2 Israeli soldiers. On May 21, 1985 Israel exchanged 1,150 Palestinians for 3 Israeli soldiers. On July 21, 1996 Israel exchanged 45 Shiite Muslims and bodies of 40 Hezbollah fighters for the dead body of an Israel soldier! On October 1997 Israel exchanged 70 prisoners including Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin for 2 Israeli “intelligence” agents captured in a failed attempt to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. On January 29, 2004 Israel exchanged 420 prisoners and 59 bodies of Lebanese killed in fighting for 3 Israeli soldiers. The reason that the Israeli did not immediately exchange prisoners this time is that the U.S. wanted its ”Israel” Proxy State to build the momentum to falsely implicate Syria and Iran prior to the very likely bombing of Iran and the attempt to overthrow the governments of both countries, attempts which will undoubtedly fail just like all of their policies are failing everywhere around the world! This is the reality which cannot be denied by the facts on the ground!
The U.S./“Israeli” invasion of Lebanon also helps further the constant objective of deliberately and maximally inflaming Islamic anger and subsequent retaliation worldwide, which in turn is crucial to maintaining the pretext for the hoax of the so-called “War on Terrorism” used as the pretext for the final stage of capitalism-imperialism—Permanent War and State Terrorism! The actions of the U.S./“Israel” in the Mideast, just like the U.S. Invasion of Iraq, etc. represent the naked dynamic of capitalism-imperialism now in its final stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism! Accusations aimed at Iran, combined with refusal or inability by Lebanon, Syria and Iran to comply with the absurd U.S./“Israeli” demands, will at the minimum be used as the phony pretext to constantly escalate U.S. imperialist aggression and State Terrorism throughout the Middle East. While there is no direct proof of a nuclear weapons program in Iran, the Iranians realize that only by becoming a nuclear state can they defend themselves against the U.S. This is also the reason why North Korea is unlikely to agree to actually ever give up its nuclear weapons program in the face of crazed U.S. Imperialism, because to do so might invite U.S. bombing. The U.S. does not threaten countries which possess nuclear weapons. If Saddam Hussein had actually had been able to develop nuclear weapons, which the U.S. knew very well that Iraq had not done, the U.S. would never have invaded Iraq. Both India and Pakistan possess nuclear weapons and the U.S. does not bother either country and forms alliances with them. The only way to permanently end nuclear weapons worldwide and the threat of a nuclear war is by carrying out a Socialist Revolution here in the United States, thereby permanently ending the system of capitalist-imperialism, which is fundamentally based on war, subjugation and mass murder in order to steal new resources and new markets. Only on this basis will the world have a genuine basis to completely and permanently disarm!
The Rafik Hariri Assassination, Authorized by the United States and
Carried Out by Israeli Mossad, was a Provocation Aimed at Syria!
Yasser Arafat Was Also Assassinated by U.S/”Israel and France!
This after the U.S.-Israeli Mossad Axis bombed out (assassinated) Rafik Hariri and blamed it on Syria, who had no motive for such a crime! The Syrians incidentally have no special history of assassination in the Mideast or anywhere, while the Israeli IDF uses assassination as one of its most frequent weapons of choice and is the most experienced in the entire Mideast in assassination! Since the Hariri “Blow-Up” the U.S. has authorized a veritable stream of assassinations in Lebanon in order to inflame anti-Syrian opinion, which has no motive to assassinate anyone! Previously the United States’ authorized Israeli agents to also assassinate Arafat! Nothing happens in Israel policy wise without U.S. authorization, although isolated Zionist crimes do occur from time to time. The dog wags the tail—not the other way around, despite lies to the contrary which conspiracy theorists try to push. Israeli is not actually a conventional state, it is an entity (the Zionist Entity), a U.S. puppet/proxy state because it is completely dependent militarily, economically and diplomatically on the United States for its existence. It is the cat’s paw of U.S. imperialism in the Mideast! For example, in order to keep Israel out of the 1991 U.S. Invasion of Iraq the Bush Regime threatened to cut off $6 billion in credits to Israel to keep the fanatic Zionists in line. The U.S. authorized the Israelis, with the helpful assistance of agents of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) & Co., to initially administer Arafat poison in Ramallah, giving him an isolated case of thrombocytopenia (low platelets) with no other symptoms, symptoms which could only occur by poisoning, as his doctors in Ramallah so testified! The French provided timely assistance first by immediately sedating Arafat when he arrived in Paris so that he could not speak or know what was happening to him. The French, who have historically always worked closely with Israel and Mossad and, of course, with the United States (except in Iraq), indubitably administered the final overdose of anti-coagulant or other poison in order to induce a stroke. Arafat used to be their boy but was sacrificed primarily because he had largely lost the support of his militant constituency and the capitalists wanted to install new personnel, which has turned out to be a total failure for them once again. The irony is that during the 1980’s several assassinations of highly militant PLO figures were carried out by Mossad in the close proximity of Arafat, always leaving him untouched. This time the capitalists sacrificed him.
It is true that the Syrian leaders are completely opportunist and have worked closely with both the U.S. and Israel. The Syrians have and will continue to torture absolutely anybody the U.S. sends them through their so-called "Extraordinary Rendition” Torture Program, which incidentally is not extraordinary for the capitalists but routine and an everyday event. But Syria would have NO MOTIVE whatsoever to assassinate Hariri! Only the United States and Israeli, the puppet of U.S.-led world imperialism, and Mahmoud Abbas have the motive! The motive of the Hariri assassination was 1.) to generate the pretext to pressure Syria to withdraw from Lebanon—which was the almost immediate result and 2.) to supply the pretext to try to overthrow the Baath Socialist Party-led government of Syria! Syria has a socialist system, which provides full employment, no homelessness, free education to the highest level and free medical and dental just like Iraq used to have, all of which is unavailable in the United States! The capitalists want to get rid of it and institute so-called “freedom and democracy,” which under capitalism have become euphemisms for capitalist dictatorship and enslavement. Just like in Iraq and everywhere else, including the U.S.A.! Long and convoluted articles based on CIA files, e.g. the November 3, 2005 article in the New York Times demonstrate how determined the capitalists are to try to undermine the Syrian Baath Socialist government and falsely implicate Bashir al-Assad, a former ophthalmologist as supposedly having given the order to assassinate Hariri! But Hariri had already resigned from the government when he was assassinated! If the Syrians hated him so much they would have assassinated him while he was in office. The reason that he was assassinated after he left office rather than when he was in office and presumably more of a “threat”, which he never really was, was that such a provocation simply did not occur to U.S. and Israel earlier. The truth is that Hariri never ever had a majority support for his anti-Syrian position! Not even close! Not even after he was assassinated! Not even now! Syria has supported Hezbollah, whose defensive attacks against the illegal Israeli occupation of Lebanon, forced Israel to finally pull out of Lebanon and all the Lebanese know it! The U.S.-directed Mossad is widely recognized and understood to be the assassin of Hariri and Arafat, etc. throughout the Mideast! It’s time to wake up here in the USA!

To assassinate Hariri the U.S. directed Israeli Mossad assassins used a huge truck bomb, which they drove through Syria, or assembled in Syria, and painstakingly filmed leaving Syria and driving all through Lebanon and Beirut before being blown up, where it was also filmed at the point of detonation! It is not credible that surveillance cameras would be so strategically placed to document this event so precisely unless it had been planned in advance. This is very similar to the video that was made of “the first AIDS ‘Typhoid Mary’” (so-called patient 0) where the capitalists deliberately infected a promiscuous male airline steward through his “doctor” with the AIDS virus then followed him, videotaping him going from one assignation to another unknowingly spreading AIDS. But what these Biowarfare enthusiasts, who could not have made the film for any other reason than to document their Biological Warfare handiwork, did not realize was that the film actually implicated those who made it. The questions immediately arose: 1.How did the video tapers know that person had AIDS? 2.) Why didn’t they stop him? The same thing applies with the film of the Hariri truck bomb.

Instead the United States has ordered its United Nations puppet leadership to begin a phony “investigation,” which has been authorized by the Security Council! The only problem is that the capitalists currently have only one “witness.” (Of course more can be manufactured if necessary!) The witness, Hossam Taher Hossam, who identified himself to the UN inquiry as a former Syrian intelligence officer, alleged in a 75-minute interview on November 27, 2005 that Hariri’s son, Saad Hariri, met him several months ago and offered him $1.3 million to testify against top Syrian officials. But the question of credible motive and who only benefits from such assassinations—the United States and its cat’s paw Israel—is never raised in this brazen provocation. The capitalists are running totally amok! Everything the capitalists attempt turns into a fiasco. On June 28, 2006 the U.S. ordered its Proxy Zionist Army of Israel to buzz the Syrian coast and the house of Syrian leader Bashir al-Assad while threatening to attack Syria on the pretext that the exiled supreme leader of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, living in Syria ordered the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier! Right! This was carried out while the U.S. Zionist Proxy State of Israel was invading Gaza under the laughably fraudulent pretext of trying to “rescue the kidnapped murderer Israeli soldier,” for whom they do not give a damn, and relentlessly bombing and shelling Gaza population centers and torturing the population all night with sonic booms in order to deprive them of sleep just like they torture prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, all in direct violation of International Law, just exactly like its U.S. master who writes Torture Memorandums and gives virtually all the orders. The U.S. and its Zionist Proxy State of Israel also wage economic war against Hamas by having Israel collect $55 million in taxes from the Palestinians and then refusing to turn the money over to the Palestinians to run their government because they do not really believe in democracy when the masses choose to elect Hamas. They actually thought that they might be able to impose the election of Fatah on the Palestinians after it was taken over by U.S./Israeli Puppet Mahmoud Abbas after he was nice enough to help poison Arafat! The U.S. Israeli Proxy State has even pledged to bomb the infrastructure of Lebanon back to the Stone Age, while they threaten to invade Syria! All completely authorized by their master the USA! This was precisely the policy of the U.S. in Vietnam! This is why in order for there to be a genuine solution in the Middle East there first must be a Socialist Revolution in the United States!

The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin Was a “Queen Sacrifice” Carried Out by
the Israeli Government, under Authorization From its United States Master, in Order to Increase Support Among Israelis for the Oslo Peace Accords in 1995
But Was Gratuitously Sabotaged by Likud-directed Shin Bet!

In 1995 support for the Oslo Peace Accords was substantial among Palestinians because it represented a better situation than they had, but Israel was split right down the middle with supporters versus opponents. Because the Mideast and the Oslo Accords were so important to the United States, Israel and the entire capitalist world, both politically and economically, potentially opening up an area which had been shunned by big investors because of the Intifada and constant threat of suicide bombings, the capitalists decided to carry out what is known in politics and chess as a Queen Sacrifice in order to increase support for the Oslo accords among the Israelis. At a rally in support of the Oslo Accords on November 4, 1995, members of the Israeli security forces deliberately allowed a Zionist fanatic, Yigal Amir, to breach security around Rabin as the rally ended and Rabin was on his way to his car. (In this respect the Rabin assassination was very similar to the 9/11 Trade Center Attack, which was also a government-facilitated provocation, where the Bush Regime deliberately opened the door to the Islamic Fundamentalists to permit them to obtain flight training for jumbo jets in the face of local FBI protests [see above] and kept the Air Force jet interceptors grounded for over an hour in order to permit the 9/11 Attack to be successfully carried out.) After the Rabin assassination support for the Oslo Accords among Israelis increased to over 71%!

The assassination of Rabin appeared to be a “success!” But shortly thereafter on January 5, 1996, the head of Shin Bet, Avi Dichter, known up to that time only as “Kaf,” under pressure from the fanatical Zionist Likud Party and acting against the objectives of the United States and its puppet Israeli government, gratuitously assassinated the chief Hamas suicide bomb maker, Yehiya Ayash, in the Gaza Strip by planting a radio-controlled bomb in his cell phone. But Yehiya Ayash had had no business for years! Ayash was no longer a viable threat because nobody wanted to volunteer for suicide bombing against Israel and in fact there had not been any suicide bombing in Israel for several years after the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords, which stood to improve the situation for Palestinians living in Occupied Palestine. Support for the Oslo Accord was also at an all time high among Israelis after the “successful” Queen Sacrifice of Rabin. Avi Dichter was a literal example of a loose cannon and his motive was clear as crystal! The Israeli government and the United States were furious! The Shin Bet Chief “Kaf’s” offer of resignation was accepted several days after he ordered the assassination of Ayash. Previously “Kaf’s” pro forma offers of resignation after the carefully planned Rabin assassination were turned down by Peres, who was also part of the Rabin assassination, which briefly advanced Israeli interests! In order to expose “Kaf” for acting against Israeli and U.S. interests, the new Shin Bet Chief, Ami Ayalon, former Rear Admiral in the Israeli Navy agreed to openly accept the position as the new Shin Bet Chief one week after the Shin Bet assassination of Ayash, allowing his name to be known for the first time as the new Shin Bet Chief in order to permit the Israeli government to be able to then reveal the name of his trouble-maker predecessor, “Kaf,” who was Avi Dichter, who would no longer enjoy the government security he had while head of Shin Bet!

It was a completely new precedent in Israeli politics to announce the name of the head of Shin Bet, and was designed to jeopardize the security of those Zionist fanatics who would act independently against Israeli interests and U.S. interests. (Yigal Amir, the Zionist fanatic who assassinated Rabin was manipulated to advance U.S. and Israeli interests.) The assassination of Yehiya Ayash of Hamas was a deliberately calculated provocation by Likud to sabotage support for the the Oslo Accords among Israelis by providing the pretext for retaliatory suicide bombing by Hamas and other Islamic Fundamentalist groups, which began immediately after the assassination and has continued ever since right up to the present moment. On September 28, 2000 Ariel Sharon went onto the Temple Mount, Al Haram ash-Sharif in Arabic, as a deliberate provocation, after the Camp David negotiations broke up earlier on July 5th, in order to incite the Palestinians and start up a Second Intifada, which was used to further crush and oppress the Palestinians and to try to force them into submission. This has continued despite the fact that Likud Chief Sharon before his stroke agreed to U.S. demands to withdraw from Gaza and try to give the appearance of supporting a “Two State Solution” with the Palestinians, where the Palestinians would in practice remain under the jackboot of the Israeli Fascists behind the Israeli Apartheid Wall, which is three times as long and twice as high as the Berlin Wall, and where the huge Israeli West Bank settlements, which are designed to incorporate valuable land and resources of the West Bank into so-called “Israel,” are left mostly intact, and the Palestinians are left in a few nonviable Bantustans, which the US and Israel try to call “a state for the Palestinians!” The Israeli Apartheid Wall is 25 ft. high, presently 216 miles long and counting, with 95-315 ft. of buffer zone with electric fence, trenches, cameras and security patrols, which according to the new acting Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, of the new so-called “centrist” Kadima Party, will form the basis of the permanent boundary between “Israel” and a proposed Palestinian State! While this may have represented a bargaining chip to cause Hamas to recognize Israel (which it now has by establishing a national unity government with Arafat assassin Mahmoud Abbas thus implicitly recognizing Israel), there is no real possibility that Israel will ever dismantle it. The Israeli Apartheid Wall represents the hardening dictatorship of U.S. capitalism in the Mideast.

The Only Solution for the Middle East is One Secular
State Of Palestine which has as its Pre-Condition:
Socialist Revolution in the United States!

The only solution which could ever succeed on a long term basis is a One Secular State Solution which is neither a Zionist state nor an Islamic state. This can only come about after a Socialist Revolution here in the United States and will automatically be one of the immediate outcomes of that Socialist Revolution. This fact should be made widely known to all Jews and all Moslems. There can be no oppression of Palestinians and there can be no oppression of Jews. Zionism—Jewish nationalism—has no place in a peaceful future in the Mideast and neither do Islamic Fundamentalist States, both of which represent reaction not progress. The Jewish people have always had a progressive history up until World War II and the Holocaust. Two-thirds of the leadership of the Russian Revolution was Jewish! In Europe Jews followed Communists and Social Democrats—NOT Zionists. In Germany the Zionists only got about 5% of the Jewish vote, while in Poland it was higher, up to 35%, due to the capitalists’ barrage of anti-Soviet anti-Communist propaganda because of its proximity to the Soviet Union. The Jewish people had its Communist and progressive leadership beheaded in the Holocaust along with the 6 million Jews murdered by Hitler, who also murdered 27 million Soviet citizens and millions of others, 57 million in WWII. After the Holocaust, reactionary and Fascist Zionists, some who had actually made agreements with Hitler, were insinuated into leadership positions among the Holocaust Survivors, whose first choice was to emigrate to the United States and Great Britain. Both countries turned down the Survivors, prevented their entry and directed them to Palestine, where the capitalists helped them set up the Zionist entity “Israel” as a garrison proxy state to protect U.S. and British imperialist oil interests. As mentioned, Israel is not formally even a state because it is economically, politically, diplomatically and militarily dependent on the United States. If this support were withdrawn Israel would collapse like a house of cards. Israel’s 200 plus nuclear weapons at Damona would be of no help to the Zionist criminals without oil. The Proxy State of so-called “Israel” does not represent the interest of the Jewish people. “Israel” is bad for Jews! Its existence has increased the threat to Jewish people everywhere! This is undeniable and can only be ended with a Socialist Revolution in the United States!

The Kibbutzim Are A Total Deception and a
Means of Neutralizing Potential Communists!

Jewish people worldwide and Israelis alike must organize themselves against Zionism and for a Socialist Revolution. Israel plays another little number on its citizens many of whom aspire to Socialism and would like to think of themselves as progressive. Israel runs a network of 270 Kibbutzim, which are communal settlements supposedly based on the principle of joint ownership of property, equality and cooperation of production, consumption and education; the fulfillment of the idea "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." But the reality is that they do not represent Socialism at all in any way and cannot because they exist within a capitalist dictatorship and function to help maintain that dictatorship. This is an example of the dialectical contradiction of form and essence. The Kibbutzim are a just a trick, a deception used to exhaust progressive-minded people and to isolate potential Communists away from main population centers and to exploit the labor of about 130,000 Israelis who supply and help maintain the Imperialist-cat’s paw of the United States—“Israel”—in its permanent war against the Palestinians and the other Mideast countries. At age 18 all members of the Kibbutzim all must serve in the Israel army, 3 years for men and 21 months for women, and for each year thereafter until age 51 men must serve 39 days each year in the army, while those who have seen combat are allowed to stop after age 45. Thus there are no “innocent Israeli citizens” unless they are in the process of organizing a mutiny in the Israeli puppet army. Unless the Israeli people carry out a mutiny the reality is that every child in Israel will grow up brainwashed and be organized to kill, torture and oppress Palestinians. Only a Socialist Revolution in the United States can bring this to an end. It’s pre-condition is mutiny in all the armed forces of the capitalist countries!

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
and Capitalism-Imperialism
August 9, 2006

8/09/2006 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Awake! said...

Well now, I suppose if one were a real 'capitalist provocateur' the lengthy Depperman screed posted by Anon would meet the necessary criteria: a set of insane claims (actually written by a neo-Nazi crank assuming Googlesearch didn’t lead me astray) that the 'socialists' (read commie Jews) are violently opposed to the strategy in Iraq, written at sufficient length in suitably turgid prose to assure most people will only skim it (and probably assume it really is 'official socialist' agitprop), and then let human nature take its course. Rather crude but, who knows, in an era of increasing ideological fervor possibly effective along the fringe or among the unsophisticated.

8/09/2006 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nope, putz Joe got exactly what he deserved. His defeat is a little sign that the wheezing old carcass of American representative government may still have a bit of life left."

I would tend to agree with you and you made some very excellent points. You did it however without demonizing Mr Lieberman and that was my only point. He lost touch with those he needed for support and paid the price for it.

8/09/2006 3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone "demonized" Joe. he did himself in with orwellian jaw-droppers like "we undermine the credibility of the commander -in - chief at our own peril" That was beyond the pale.

He deserved to lose, and I hope he can be convinced to drop his independent bid. The pressure on him to do so will be intense.

8/09/2006 4:52 PM  
Anonymous JWC said...

As far as Joe is concerned, please explain to me why it is OK for Senators and others from around the country to finanacially support and physically campaign for Joe, but it is somehow subversive for little ole me in Missouri to send him my $25 bucks and good wishes?

CR, I normally ignore trolls... believe in the don't feed the trolls rule, but could you please deleted the above screed?

As usual, love your blog, your insights, and your commentors (usually).

8/09/2006 6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeh, hold Lieberman responsibility, that'l show'em... and yet it is the Republicans that have the majority in all branches of government. It seems odd that real republicans won't hold their "republican" politicians accountable.

8/10/2006 11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"....he did himself in with orwellian jaw-droppers like "we undermine the credibility of the commander -in - chief at our own peril" That was beyond the pale."

I could not agree more.

8/10/2006 12:58 PM  
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8/24/2006 8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonder if lamont passed the interview with flying colours...

8/30/2006 11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Most citizens are unaware of the startling fact that for years our U.S. Middle East policy has not been crafted by seasoned experts who are committed to America's basic national interests." --Paul Findley, U.S. Republican Congressman, (1961-83)

8/30/2006 11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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