Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Reacted Angrily"

Shocking, isn't it?

Asked on 9/11 what the attacks meant for relations between the U.S. and Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu said, "It's very good." No surprise, then, that the new NIE on Iran is very bad (a "below-the-belt blow" even -- yes, how dare we?) in some quarters, where they're no doubt now wondering what will reawaken the somnolent American public.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the big surprise. Israel is the tail that wags the american dog, and tha is what we have become an ugly dog that goes after weak critters.

They can do what they want and we go along with it and even throw our money after them.

What we condemn in others is just right and dandy if done by Israel.

Like this report about the minority leader in the senate, which says that if our soldiers get killed in Iraq the family should not get upset as that is what they can expect if they are "professional soldiers".
Nice country we are living in.

I guess that is why all our big mouth republican leaders and politition did everything in order to avoid joining the military.
I guess only the stupid and poor americans fall for that "having the honor of serving our country in uniform".

Sad really!

12/07/2007 3:54 PM  
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