Sunday, December 11, 2005

"Trusted Lieutenant" Watch....

From the AP:
The American military Friday arrested a high-ranking member of al-Qaida in Iraq in the town of Ramadi, the U.S. Marines said.

Amir Khalaf Fanus, also known in the Ramadi area as "the Butcher," was wanted for criminal activities including murder and kidnapping, Capt. Jeffrey S. Pool said in a statement from the town, located 70 miles west of Baghdad.

Fanus was No. 3 on a most-wanted list for Ramadi drawn up by the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 28th Infantry Division.

"He is the highest ranking al-Qaida in Iraq member to be turned into Iraqi and U.S. officials by local citizens," Pool said. "His capture is another indication that the local citizens tire of the insurgents' presence within their community."

According to Pool, Iraqi and U.S. Forces "have witnessed increasing signs of citizens fighting the terrorists within Ramadi as the Dec. 15 National Elections draw nearer."
What do you do when you catch yet another Number Three, but the spin is getting old? That's when courier, gatekeeper, confidant, messenger, right hand man, executive secretary, Man Friday, or even the seminal "trusted lieutenant" just won't do. Thus, The Butcher! No matter that calling someone a butcher in Iraq these days is like calling someone "Jimbo" at a Nascar event on a hot Saturday in July. And, of course, we're now getting the obligatory "turned in by outraged local citizens" in each of these stories. Can't we save this stuff for the shills and plants we have on the payroll in the Iraqi media?

Truth doesn't need a Thesaurus. This ongoing ham-handed mendacity does nothing more than betray a lack of confidence in our mission on the part of those who continue to churn it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another one. The hits keep on coming :)

12/11/2005 8:22 PM  
Anonymous thirdeye said...

It's not an issue until Joe Sixpack somehow gets wind of something not being quite right. We must all pray it never gets there.

12/11/2005 9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12/12/2005 1:55 AM  
Blogger copy editor said...

Brilliant post.

I will not settle until the baker and candle-stick-maker are brought to justice.

12/12/2005 2:32 PM  
Anonymous semper fubar said...

I thought Frank Rich summed it up well (as always) in "It Takes A Potemkin Village":

Since we don't get honest information from this White House, we must instead, as the Soviets once did, decode our rulers' fictions to discern what's really happening. What we're seeing now is the wheels coming off: As the administration's stagecraft becomes more baroque, its credibility tanks further both at home and abroad. The propaganda techniques may be echt Goebbels, but they increasingly come off as pure Ali G.

Me, I'm starting to think it all sounds like an Austin Powers movie. Or maybe, on darker days, The Prisoner.

12/12/2005 3:12 PM  
Anonymous Antonie said...

And this from de Borchgrave of the Washington Times about the No. 3 in Pakistan: "If indeed it was Rabia, who had a $5 million bounty on his head, he would be the third individual to occupy the third-ranking position in Al Qaeda in less than a year. The first was Abu Farj Al-Libbi, captured last May. His predecessor, Haitham al-Yemeni, was killed in another U.S. air strike days later.
But U.S. intelligence sources said these were not in Al Qaeda's global pecking order. They were the top leaders in operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

Are there any official lists of all these people? I'm having a hard time keeping track.

12/12/2005 7:10 PM  
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