Sunday, December 04, 2005


I saw it this weekend, and recommend it. By chance I had an extra ticket, and sold it for a refund at the ticket booth; as the theater was completely full about twenty minutes before the film started, I probably could have scalped it outside for a nice markup over face value. The pre/post-film buzz in the Upper West Side crowd was not surprisingly slightly conspiratorial, as if everyone was about to learn/had just learned some deep, dark secret. There are no secrets in this one---unless you don't know that oil is big business and our insatiable thirst for it forces us to compromise our own values. I'm more interested in why that thirst exists, why the price of oil is rising (no, it's not just because demand is increasing or that we are "running out") and the implications for the future. Of course I'm partial to my own take on all of this, which I wrote about in this post a few months ago. But that's beyond the scope of a mainstream Hollywood movie. Given that, it's certainly timely and worth seeing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed that post of yours you refer to when you first wrote it, and just read it it now. Interesting stuff, thanks.

12/06/2005 5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writer/director was on Charlie Rose. It would be great if everyone would go see this movie and it stirred an intelligent, rational, national debate, and more importantly, kicked us into action.

The most disturbing part of the interview was towards the end, when they were talking about the oil guys in New York; huge apartment, guy owns the entire building, and they are playing a game of which country will be next - coup d'├ętat - Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, etc. When the oil guys converse, the host is asked why he needs all the money? To buy media outlets and mobs.

Are we the United States of Oil? Never, ever, ever trust an oil executive or anyone working for them. It is unbelievable that we, the "good guys", are still this barbaric. And our politicians, either to weak in character or too egotistical and crave power, bendover for these guys.

We should be racing 24x7, to get off our oil dependency, for any hope for a civilized, peaceful future.

12/11/2005 1:29 AM  
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I saw it too it's an excellent movie I love the plot of suspense and drama and well as we know this are real things, real people that died because these problems around the world, I think If you live in peace keep living like that.
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