Sunday, January 14, 2007

Surgin' Persians?

One more point related to the previous post....NRO's Mark Krikorian worries about a coming "surge" of Iraqi immigrants to the U.S., "virtually all of them our Sunni enemies" as he describes it. His main point is that "in the future we need to factor in considerations of the immigration fallout before we launch foreign policy initiatives." Has Krikorian warned of the exodus from Iran should Ledeen's avenging hordes of ipod-toting, Britney Spears-listening Westernized Iranians replace the mullahs as a direct or indirect consequence of U.S. military action? Or is Mark going to wait until the Revolutionary Guard -- "all of them our enemies" -- has resettled in Rochester to write that piece?


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Anonymous Amy said...

That's one problem faced by countries like the US and Canada which accept a lot of immigrants (strictly speaking, except native indians, we're all immigrants).

With so many immigrants from all over the world, Canada and the US have the potential to be the peace-keeping leaders in the world, especially if they join forces.

However, instead of doing that, the US is causing trouble all over the place, deploying more and more troops overseas...which not only gives americans an increasingly bad name, but can cause dangers at home as well (i.e. from the immigrants; I'm Chinese, and if Canada ever bombs China you can betcha I won't be sitting on my ass here).

The sad thing is, Stephen Harper is following in his cousin Bush's footsteps...

Americans are already posing as Canadians when travelling abroad. Pretty soon they won't have that advantage anymore, as it becomes apparent to the rest of the world that Canada has become more and more like the US.

Sad, really.

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