Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"I Put Them There In The First Place"

A consistently reliable indicator of the desperation level of this President is the unrighteous indignation he employs in a pinch. From Bush's statement to the press:
Listen, first of all, these U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. I named them all. And the Justice Department made recommendations, which the White House accepted, that eight of the 93 would no longer serve. And they will go up and make the explanations as to why -- I'm sorry this, frankly, has bubbled to the surface the way it has, for the U.S. attorneys involved. I really am. These are -- I put them in there in the first place; they're decent people. They serve at our pleasure. And yet, now they're being held up into the scrutiny of all this, and it's just -- what I said in my comments, I meant about them. I appreciated their service, and I'm sorry that the situation has gotten to where it's got. But that's Washington, D.C. for you. You know, there's a lot of politics in this town.
Decent people. Hates what all this scrutiny is doing to their personal lives and careers.


Blogger Grodge said...

I'm sorry this, frankly, has bubbled to the surface the way it has...

In other words, I'm sorry y'all noticed it. This is an obvious case of the prez'nit playing fast and loose with the Justice Dep't, why else would Rove and the others go such lengths to conceal the motives.

Only the Deputy AG was stupid enough to be so frank in his emails-- and he paid with his job.

If the Dems don't have stones enough to subpoena these bastards, then Leahy should join Hagel and go sell some shoes.

3/21/2007 12:46 PM  
Blogger David said...

What's with the royal we?

"They serve at our pleasure."

We are not amused.

3/21/2007 4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" the situation has gotten to where it's got."

What the hell is that ?

3/21/2007 5:55 PM  
Blogger Lifetime Fiscal Conservative said...

Note that 6 of the 8 were working on corruption cases involving Republicans. Research was done on corruption cases and during the Bush years, there have been 309 corruption investigations; 10 on independents, 37 on Republicans, and 262 on Democrats. What are the odds?

And don't forget the attorney in Guam demoted in 2005. His investigation, that was zeroing in on some sleazy work by Jack Abramoff, was magically shut down.

As far as Bushco is concerned, the Justice Dept. is just another tool for winning elections. Disgusting.

3/21/2007 8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not just winning elections, criminalizing the opposition.

3/21/2007 9:02 PM  
Blogger kaimu said...


It doesn't take much to criminalize either side of the isle these days!

3/22/2007 12:43 AM  
Blogger mrs panstreppon said...

I read that Gonzales was looking for support from Latinos. Unbelievable.

Gonzales ruined the life of a fellow Latino, David Iglesias, because Iglesias refused to persecute Latino voters and railroad Latino politicians.

Iglesias, a Republican, worked every bit as hard as Gonzales to get where he was but Gonzales didn't give a flying fig about what David Iglesias had achieved in life.

Gonzales is one heck of a role model for Latinos.

3/22/2007 7:14 PM  
Anonymous goldhorder said...

No honor among thieves these days. Power is shifting from the right hand to the left hand. The right hand isn't happy about it. Considering the senate vote 94-4 to remove the AGs power to hire without confirmation hearings...I am starting to suspect that the Repubs are trying to play nice for after 08. They must see the writing on the wall.

3/23/2007 9:18 AM  
Blogger daniel said...

So on Thursday Alberto Gonzales once again told us he is working tirelessly to be sure he has every American's back covered...especially our children. Should the alleged firing of six top performing U.S. Attorneys make us feel better?

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always been suspicious of the guy that seems to go out of his way to tell you he’s "got your back covered".

See a sarcastic visual that demonstrates how many Americans feel when the Attorney General reassures us that he's got our backs

3/23/2007 12:28 PM  
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